How to activate or put parental control in Fortnite?

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Parental Controls on Fortnite

Epic Games knows their game "Fortnite" has many users requiring adult supervision. Parents have a great responsibility to regulate what their children do and see at recess.

In this case, parental control becomes a safety weapon to protect the identity of children from strangers and avoid the use of inappropriate language which can lead to violence after long periods of play.

What is Fortnite Parental Controls?

Fortnite Parental Controls consists of an option that is offered to the user where some functions may be limited. In addition, parents can log into their children's accounts and apply a variety of restrictions of mutual agreement. At the moment, in fact, it is possible to activate parental control also for Android and iOS in case your children use mobile devices.

How to activate or put parental control in Fortnite?

To activate parental controls in Fortnite you have to Having a address email and a user account to access the game. Make sure your kids don't know your account credentials so they can't disable parental controls. Then proceed with the following actions:

Access the Fortnite arcade

Epic Games provides parental control from the Fortnite arcade. Enter and select the menu (at the top right of the screen). There you will find the “Parental Controls” option. Connect an email with your account and create a password or six digits of the PIN.

Manage parental control functions

With the PIN you will have a single key element of parental control access. Once you have entered this password, you will see a window with a series of functions that you can activate or deactivate. Finally, you need to press the "Save" button to change the settings.

Features included in Fortnite parental controls

Fortnite includes in its structure a series of active functions by default. These can be limited based on the age classification of player and the permissions his tutor wishes to grant.

Filter mature language by turning on parental controls in Fortnite

Mature language can be used by players from text chat. You can activate a filter that replaces mature language with symbols. The function is activated for those who send and receive messages via chat.

Hide the names of players who are not in the squad

Parents can hide names of players who are not included in your child's team. These will be replaced with the name "Player".

Hide player name with parental control in Fortnite

Parental Controls allows you to hide your child's name while playing for protect your personal data by unknown players.

Set privacy

One of the most relevant aspects of parental control is the privacy You can configure this item to limit friend requests by changing the "Public" option to "Private or friends".

Activate or deactivate chats (voice and text)

Le chats are widely used tools for the purpose of sharing ideas during the game. If you turn off text chat, your child will not be able to send written messages to their teammates and will not be able to receive them either. When you disable voice chat, you will not be able to establish communication through the microphone.

Receive a weekly report

By selecting the option "Receive weekly report" you will be able to obtain information associated with the user's account through your email. This report includes your child's playtime and the operations he has made from the platform.

More configurations

In the “Other settings” option, parents can configure the time limits of game in Fortnite. In addition, you can configure the purchase option so that your children do not carry out operations without your consent. To do this, go to the menu and select “Transactions or payment methods”. If your child has spent money on Fortnite, you should review Epic Games' policies and proceed to request a refund.

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