How to activate the follower option on Facebook when it does not appear

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Facebook automatically makes you follow the users you have on your friends list. You can also follow the fan pages if you indicate that you like them. You can customize how to follow a person or a page.

To do this, search for the name of a user or a page, press the button » Follow »Next to the cover photo. You will have a drop down menu with options: Unfollow and See First.

As for Fanpages, they are generally used to boost your business or any activity outside of your personal sphere. So people who aren't on your friends list might be interested in the content you post.

 How to customize who can follow you

People you have on your friends list follow you by default, automatically. However, you can manage who can follow you.

To customize who can follow you from your profile, go to Settings> Public Posts> Who Can Follow You. Choose from the options: Friends or Public.

You can confirm that you have made the changes correctly by entering your profile and choosing » View as »To be able to view your profile as anyone else would. This action can be placed under the three ellipsis.

In this way, you will see the button " Follow ". While there is no limit to the number of people who can follow you, you can only follow up to five thousand profiles.

How to activate the Follow button in a few steps

It is important that you are familiar with the difference between the inscription and the liking of a page. While with the former, users will only receive public updates. With the second option, subscribers will receive all the updates you make.

It's an excellent option if you want to grow your audience, potential customers, or fans of your content. Unlike " Request of friendship « the privacy of "Follow" it is similar to fan pages and easier to use.

To activate this option, go to the options menu and select » Settings ". Remember that you can only customize these settings from your computer. It is not yet available from the mobile app.

The next thing is to touch " Followers ". You will have a text box " Who can follow me " and on the left a button to configure who can follow you. There, choose " All »If you want all users of this platform to be able to do it.

Among the settings you have below, you can customize:

  • Follower comments and choose who can comment on your public posts.
  • Notifications about followers, if you want to receive all or only those of friends of friends.
  • Add a Twitter or Instagram profile
  • Place a Follow Your Website button, where you will need to copy and paste your website URL.

Finally, when you have finished making any changes you deem necessary, you can enter your page profile and see it as if you were another user.

This way you can see that your changes are correct or if you need to make other changes again.

Some tips to increase the number of your followers:

  • Include in your profile a link to your website or to your Twitter or Instagram profile.
  • Invite your contacts via email and from your personal profile.
  • Use Facebook videos and ads
  • Encourage conversation with your subscribers by interacting with them

This way you can easily set up your personal or professional profile in just a few steps and activate the follower option on Facebook.

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