How to activate the gyroscope in Harry Potter Wizards Unite on my android mobile

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a smartphone game that has need a gyroscope to work good for gamers. It is very similar to Pokémon GO, a game in which the person had to move in reality to get many rewards.

However, there are many mobile devices that have problems with the Harry Potter game because the gyroscope is not working. This is one of the sensors that a Smartphone must detect the movement of the person with the phone.

In Watch how it's done we will explain how operate this sensor in so that you can play and have a lot of fun.

Activate the gyro to be able to play in HP Wizards Unite

You can get this game for android devices, devi alone look for it in the official store which is Google Play Store. In its search engine you just have to write the name of the game, search for it and install it for free, at no cost.

If you can't play it or it won't even open, è very likely the gyroscope not is calibrated or damaged. Remember that this detail is inside the phone as a part, i.e. it is not an application that you can install.

Some phone models, especially older ones, may not have it integrated. If that's the case, unfortunately you will not be able to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite, because your phone doesn't have what it takes.

You can try to root, although it is not highly recommended, and then install an app that can simulate completely il gyroscope. There are many apps of this style, but it may not work and you may damage your phone, so seek specialized help.

it is also possible than this sensor is deactivated in your device, but that it is included in the production. You just have to activate or enable it, following a series of steps depending on whether it is the default function or not.

With these apps you can check the status of your phone and its sensitivity to the movements you make. They also serve a calibrate, correcting any errors they may have and adjusting them as best as possible for their most accurate use.

Like many other applications of this style that don't come from recognized companies, you have to be careful to download them. Many can be harmful, although official app stores are on the lookout for any viruses or data theft.

These are all important considerations when we want to configure the phone for this particular game, which is very fun and interactive.

Motion sensor functions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The game is about walking in real life to find challenges and many items that need to be saved. The phone detects each turn of the person in the game and how the person advances to look for challenges.

With regard to the rear camera, the game creates scenes where the player has to perform specific actions on the screen. This is another of the important elements that must be in good condition for the game to work properly.

The Gyroscope has the main function of orienting the phone, which is essential when using maps while driving. With this, the phone can detect where North is, as if it were a compass, and determine the movement made.

Any game that requires interaction, such as virtual reality, needs good orientation with the environment to play. Another device that needs it in particular are the glasses for virtual reality, a very recent technology.

When you are sure that all sensors and camera are working, you are ready to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

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