How to activate WhatsApp without using our phone number

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WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used messaging app in the world. One of those essential applications on our phones and all this despite the fact that we like other tools like Telegram a lot more.

And it is that Telegram has many advantages over the Facebook app –WhatsApp–. One of the main ones is that to talk to other users we don't need to know their phone number but only their username, which you can't do with WhatsApp. There are now "tricks" for being able to use a WhatsApp account without having to provide our personal mobile number. Such as? Let's find out.

How to create a WhatsApp account without using our phone number

We can use a virtual number to activate WhatsApp

WhatsApp forces all its users to give a phone number to register. What does this mean? If we are very jealous of our privacy, we will have to give our yes or yes number if we want to use WhatsApp. But how to get around this good old Zuckerberg security measure? Well, very simple, thanks to a virtual phone number

A virtual number is still a normal, current phone number, although it is not physically associated with a physical cable or sim card, but simply uses the internet to contact other phone numbers. Something that comes in handy for small businesses or startups or if we simply want to have an extra number in addition to the staff.

In this way we can use this type of numbers to activate a WhatsApp account and therefore not have to provide our personal number, especially if we go to talk to people who are not in our circle of acquaintances or trust and we don't want them to know our personal number.

There are many services that offer virtual numbers and virtually all of them work identically. Line2, Sideline or Hushed are some of the best options, so it is better to try them on our Android smartphone and choose the one that best suits our needs.

Lateral line: 2nd n. phone

Sideline allows us to have a second phone number totally free. Use the network and the tariff of our usual operator in so you can talk and text message from this virtual number as if it were a real number.

Line2: second phone number

Line2 is an app that works on both Android phones, tablets, computers and smartwatches, which allows us to have a second virtual telephone line and use it whenever we have a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data at hand. Perfect service for professionals but also for those who want to have more phone numbers.

Silenced: 2nd phone number, calls and messages

Like the other apps described above, Hushed allows us to have a second phone number with which to call and send text messages. With Hushed we can get local numbers from more than 60 countries, managing to manage multiple lines for both our personal and work life.

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