How to activate YouTube custom thumbnails from my mobile?

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Activating thumbnails YouTube personalized from your mobile phone may seem impossible, since the application is a little more limited on the device.

People who want to start a channel and start uploading content are forced to work from their mobile phone because they don't have a computer. Monetizing videos on your YouTube channels could be at risk.

In addition, with new cellular technology, it sometimes works better and more practical from smartphone di band high.

But, as expected, there are things that cannot be done by the application or it is not known how. However, if you can export 4K videos for YouTube or even watermark YouTube videos, that is also accessible.

Well, this text explains how to position the miniatures, in a series of steps and explanations that won't take too long to review and understand.

Activate and check the YouTube channel

There is not only the limitation of the application, where it is sometimes difficult to find a tool that is more easily working from the browser.

It should also be borne in mind that before activating the custom thumbnails from the mobile is You need to check the YouTube channel.

Since, by not doing this, the platform restricts the user from performing certain actions such as uploading videos of over 15 minutes or customizing thumbnails.

So, it is essential that the account is verified, and for this you have to go to the address where this is possible, I leave it in the following link.

In it, the user will be prompted for the cellphone number, with which he will contact him and a code will be sent from a message or a call.

Also, within the page they will give a small explanation of the benefits which will be obtained by verifying the YouTube account.

Remember that you must log in to the platform so that the user is connected with the information that will be provided.

Next, you will be asked to indicate the place or country in you live, and also if you want to receive the code via a call or text.

It is important to remember that this data will be sent to the mobile phone connected to the account, the one entered in the personal data of the channel.

Therefore, if the number that the user has is not available or has changed, the ideal is to verify it by entering and confirming of what is it about. This way, you just have to complete the steps and complete the process.

Enable custom thumbnails with the YouTube Studio app

The standard YouTube application usually has some limitations when it comes to editing or personalizing the videos on the channel.

This is because it was not originally designed for this purpose. The user can choose to make the changes from the browser of their mobile phone, but it's not that comfortable.

If you own a YouTube channel, you definitely need to know about the recent changes the platform has made in this regard.

For example, the implementation of one creative space that allows users to edit their content with greater ease and tools. This is built into the page structure, which can be accessed from the user options menu.

But the important questions are Can I access it from my phone? Can custom thumbnails be activated if I use them on my mobile?

E the answer is yes, fortunately this segment of the video page has an official application for the Android system.

Therefore, it can be found in the " Play Store And the best part is that it is compatible with many versions of the system developed by Google.

Therefore, when you download it and enter the channel, you will be able to see the list of uploaded videos (if you have one), which can be edited by selecting one.

There are many functions that can be considered, but the most notable thing is that gives the user the power to insert custom thumbnails into their content.

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