How to add and put my music on Euro Truck Simulator 2 to listen to it while playing

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La Customization it has become an important part of our life, just being able to truly feel our everything we use on a daily basis. Whether we paint a room in our favorite color, buy furniture to decorate a room, or put stickers on our book covers.

Anything we tweak to have our little touch is a form of personalization in one way or another, and it's something truly special when it ends up reflecting our people.

The latter has been translated in several ways on ours electronic devices, because when we have a computer we can change the wallpaper on your Windows PC or if you want to change the color of the folders on your Mac, among many other options.

The same goes for cell phones, which being such personal devices, we can see how all the material we have inside them becomes a kind of extension of us.

The experience of personalizing our devices or everything we interact with on a daily basis is important to all users, and how the companies that manage these devices can change, whether they attract new users or not.

But where we can see a truly unique type of customization is through i video games, since if we have a computer on which we play we will have the opportunity to install many mods several that completely change the way we play, such as in Minecraft.

Mods can change the look of the main characters, what elements are used, and even add a lot of new content in a couple of clicks. But you don't need mods to make certain customizations, as happens with games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 and its music.

The music of Euro Truck Simulator

Video games have reached the point where we can play different simulators with fairly realistic details in physics and what a world looks like. A clear example of this is the racing game saga called Gran Turismo, in which all cars follow real-world physics and specifications.

And all this is a trend that has been followed with several titles, such as Euro Truck Simulator 2, a simulator in which the player plays the role of a truck driver, which includes not only different models of real trucks, but also how they are handled.

But, considering you're driving a truck for tons of miles, it's best to have some music on the radio to accompany you a little bit on your journey. However, Euro Truck Simulator 2 has no music as such, but must be added manually by the same player.

Add music to your trip

If you want to add some music to your selection as you drive in Euro Truck Simulator 2, it's really quite simple. All you have to do is find all that music you want to hear on your journey in mp3 and then go on Documents.

Here you will find a folder with the name of " Euro Truck Simulator 2 “, And inside it a folder with the name "music" in which you will have to add the songs you want to listen to.

But, if you can't find the folder "music" inside the game folder, you just need to create it as you would any other folder. And, once you are inside your truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2, you need to press the button R and select the music you want to listen to, taking into account that the music will change automatically.

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