How to add or remove WordPress themes and plugins from FTP with Filezilla

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It is important to know how to manage an FTP like Filezilla which is too useful for manipulating files, uploading themes and even for adding advertisements in the different entries with plugins that facilitate our work.

For this reason, we will see a fairly detailed tutorial where you can learn how to use FTP Filezilla to upload files to your blog with WordPress.

How to add WordPress themes or plugins with Filezilla

WordPress themes are found in /wp-content/temi/. In this folder you can put all the themes you want, you can have hundreds of themes uploaded to your hosting. However, you can keep one active on your website.

The same happens with the plugins found in / wp-content / plugins / where you can load as many as you want and from the WordPress control panel you can choose which of them you want to activate.

add or delete themes or plugins from an FTP program such as FileZilla it's too simple to make. You have to download Filezilla on your computer and install it, this process is very simple and it is done in the same way as any other program.

After that you will need the data that your hosting will provide you in order to log into Filezilla and enter your hosting. You will need the server, username and password. Set up FTP with a fast connection. If you have any questions during the process, you can check out the FAQs on the official Filezilla website.

How do we find the folders we need? This is very simple, as soon as we enter our hosting we will see a large number of folders. Of all of them, the only one that interests us and that we advise you to manipulate is only what he says " public_html ".

How to add or delete WordPress themes and plugins with Filezilla

The rest of the folders should not be touched unless you are very clear on what you want to do and most of all you know what you are doing. Once inserted " public_html "The only thing left to do is go up" wp-content "Where you can find the two folders you are looking for: plugin and themes.

There are many websites to download wordpress themes, even plugins for this pre-made. Once you have downloaded a theme or a plugin, what you have to do is unzip it so that there is a folder with its name and within it all the files that are part of it. Now you need to proceed with uploading your plugin or theme to WordPress.

If you are uploading a theme, open the theme folder within Filezilla and then drag the theme folder you have on your computer in the right area of ​​the FTP program. You will appreciate that all the files you have just dragged appear in the lower area, they will be loaded little by little.

In case you want to load a plugin, the process will be the same as above, only instead of opening the folder " Temi "You will have to open the folder" Plugin " And that's it.

Once everything is loaded, you will notice that at the bottom of the program there are no more files to load. You simply have to go to the WordPress panel, insert themes or plugins and you will appreciate what you just uploaded. All that remains is to activate it and configure it.

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