How to aim in Fortnite? - Tricks to improve your aim in Fortnite

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In Fortnite the goal is very relevant

Fortnite is a third-person shooter, so aiming is one of the aspects that most intervenes in a player's abilities. That said, actions like getting the best weapon in Fortnite and improving your aim are absolutely essential if you want to improve your skills in the game.

Definitely the best way to improve your aim within Fortnite is to practice constantly, in this way you will adapt to the game, its mechanics and its characteristics. In any case, if you are a novice user or are looking to level up quickly in Fortnite, we recommend that you read the following guide on targeting within this game.

How to aim in Fortnite? - Tricks to improve your aim in Fortnite

As with any other shooting video game, Fortnite requires good aim to improve your level. To achieve this goal it is necessary to take into account some factors, such as those that we will comment on below:

Finding your ideal sensitivity

As with other competitive shooter games, Fortnite has a setting for the sensitivity of the mouse or controller you use. So, we have X (horizontal) sensitivity, Y (vertical) sensitivity, and pointing sensitivity.

In relation to the X and Y sensitivities, we recommend using the same figures and for the target sensitivity, you should leave it at 100%. In any case, this will exactly depend on how you feel most comfortable. Also, it is useful to know how much DPI sensitivity the mouse has. The truth is that it is recommended to have a relatively low sensitivity but that in turn allows for faster movements.

You have to remember that Fortnite and it's not just a shooter video game, construction is also something very relevant, which is why having too low a sensitivity could affect your performance during construction.

In case your DPI is 800, you could start with one sensitivity of 0,11 in the game options, which would be a compromise between great accuracy and speed. Either way, this will be up to you, so you can adjust the sensitivity you feel most comfortable with.

Practice in team melee mode (or similar)

Unlike the conventional mode, in Team Fight, two teams of 20 players will face off and the main goal is to reach a certain number of eliminations. Therefore, this game mode is pure action, something very useful if you want to practice your aim.

Within the Team Fight mode, you will be reborn after being eliminated, which is why it is the most recommended space for practice different skills in the game, including aiming. The truth is, the only way to improve overall aim is to play, so this mode seems perfect for the situation.

Buy / purchase a quality mouse to aim in Fortnite

While you can play with any mouse (no matter how cheap it may be), the truth is that when you reach a certain rank or level within the game, having a good mouse is an excellent idea. It should be noted that there is no need to shell out large sums of money to get a quality mouse.

A mouse designed for video games will not have any kind of artificial acceleration (like generic mice), which could greatly affect your aim in the game. Plus, they have more buttons and other functions than they could improve your performance in Fortnite.

If you feel that you have moderately good aim, the best thing is that you want a good quality mouse. In relation to the models, we recommend first of all to opt for a budget option, which in this case would be the Logitech G203 mouse.

The mouse Logitech G203 ha very reasonably priced and offers exceptional performance which is why we highly recommend this mouse in case you want to improve your aim in video games.

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