How to always be the impostor in Among Us on Android or PC

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Can I always be the impostor in Among Us? What do I need to always be the imposter in Among Us on PC? What steps do I have to take to always be the impostor in PC game Among Us?

In case you don't know what it is, this is an RPG that can be played with friends or strangers, if you walk into a public gambling hall. As this is an RPG, it can only be played online, therefore if you don't have the internet, you won't be able to use it.

Downloading and installing from us is extremely simple, it can be downloaded for free on any device, that is on both mobile phones and PCs with Windows operating system.

Being the impostor in Among Us is one of the funniest roles in the game, so today at miracomosehace we will teach you how to always be the impostor in Among Us.

Can I always be the impostor in Among Us?

Playing between us is a lot of fun, especially if you use Discord. However, the funnest part of the Among Us game is being the impostor, many players often ask themselves: Can I always be the impostor in the Among Us game? Is there a trick that allows me to do that?

Among Us works as an RPG with rather simple graphics. But that doesn't take anything away from the game. In every game it is possible to become a crew member and find out who or who the taxes are. Or join the impostors and sabotage the ship.

The role or role of impostor is chosen at random when starting a new game, it is very unlikely that you will be able to force the role or role of impostor to always be. The game is designed to randomly choose an imposter, but not allow him to repeat himself for more than 3 games in a row.

So it is not possible to always become the impostor in each of the games, unless you have high computer skills that allow you to hack the Among Us interface.

Trick to always be the impostor in Among Us

While it's not possible to always be the impostor in every Among Us game, there are some tricks that can work to always be the impostor in this fun role-playing game. That gives when è the Covid-19 pandemic has begun has become extremely popular.

The first step to implementing the cheat and always being the imposter in Among is getting into the game. Once inside, after starting a game, you have to go to the game computer or laptop.

In case you have Among Us in Spanish, you will be able to see the settings, data and properties area. If your version is in English , you will see it as “Task Tester 2000”. 

In the settings section you will find a variety of costumes (only those that have not been chosen). The impostor's file is in red, you just have to click on it so that Among Us indicates that you are the imposter.

Tricks to always win as an imposter

Now that you know the way to always be the imposter in Among Us, there they are a  series of tricks that you can implement to win and become the best imposter, some of these are:

  • Be careful with cameras. Whenever you enter a room on the game platform, you can check if it has cameras, in case you commit murder the crew members will be able to notice it.
  • Send messages constantly. In any emergency meeting due to the death of a crew member, actively send messages to distract suspects towards you.
  • Pretend you're new. One of the best ways to win safely is to pretend you don't know how to play or don't know the game. That way the crew members won't be suspicious of you.
  • Keep moving. Staying in one place and waiting for the victims to come to you is obvious and ineffective enough to win.

How to be an imposter in Among Us?

For this it is simply preferably you are the creator of the game or, failing that, of the room. Believe it or not, this allows you to restart the game until you are the imposter. And is that although this is a draw this way you can control the players and their roles in the game.

these games can be private or public and have a limit of between 4 and 1 people. Although this game was created in 2018, it was only in 2020 that it began to gain popularity in the market. And although there are rumors that they will launch a second part of the game, the impostors definitely don't go away because they have become an audience favorite.

Your pc

Among Us is available for several operating systems for both mobile and PC. Which makes it a fairly accessible game and truth with few software limitations. To be the impostor of this PC game, just download it on our device. To do this, we just have to search for the download link in Google and proceed to carry out the process.

Finally, we just have to proceed with the installation by selecting the open file option and following the steps that will be shown below. The process is quite simple and fun, useful for getting distracted and sharing with your friends. Finally, you just have to start the game and wait your turn to be the imposter or, failing that, apply tricks to speed up.

Your Android

Now, if your wish is to have it on your Android device, don't you just have to access the Play Store, search for the game and download. But you can also get it via APK. Here it is totally free for Android and iOS. You can also do this via the Mediafire or Mega server.

Once this is done, proceed with the installation. Always remember that this game weighs around 70MB, so you need to have enough storage space. Here you can choose the language you prefer, as well as choose to be the impostor on a more continuous basis.

How can I increase the likelihood of being an imposter in Among Us?

One of the tricks to constantly increase the odds of being the imposter is when you start the game, select the free mode. After that we select the The Skeld option. Once this game mode is started, you proceed to direct it to the computer which is generally not on the usual map. This is on one of the tables, right on the edge on the left side of the screen.

There you will select the Customize option and you will be shown a series of available folders. You just have to click on the one that says Be_Impostor.exe. You will automatically be the imposter, so you will need to exit the game for the cheat to continue running and enter online mode.

Always win with the impostor in Among Us

One of the most useful strategies is ally with your partner, seek him out and get to know him. Try to change course, different from the group and it is very likely that there on that path you will find your partner. Other than that, constantly pretend to perform tasks, this will disguise you and help you win more often.

Always try to persuade the rest of the players, so that they never think you are really the imposter.

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