How to ask for an online appointment at a hairdresser without leaving Google

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We were promised a future full of flying machines. What we have instead is the opportunity to take hairdresser appointment via Google without having to make a phone call.

Recently, the search engine gave companies the ability to add the option of accept online bookings to their fact sheet in the search engine, so that customers no longer have to call.

For mobile users, this implies that it is not not even need to leave the Google search engine to make a reservation at a hairdresser. In this guide, we explain how to do it step by step.

It's so easy to book a haircut on Google.

1. Make sure your hairdresser has this option turned on

First of all, you need to remember that not all businesses and hairdressers include support for this feature.

To offer the ability to make reservations from the search engine, companies must have a provider to help you manage your appointments, to then activate this function from your control panel of the Google My Business platform. This tool has its own Google app for Android.

With that in mind, if you've found a hairdresser that already includes the ability to make reservations, you can continue.

2. Search for the hairdresser on Google

Either via the search engine app or via a web browser, the next step is find the aforementioned hairdresser on Google. When you find it, go to the next step.

3. Book your appointment

A. Will appear on the hairdresser's information sheet blue button which says "Book online". Tap it to start the appointment management process.

4. Choose your booking details

If you follow the steps indicated on the screen, you will be able choose the details of the reservation, such as the date and time of the appointment.

When finished, if you have chosen a date and time with a free space, the appointment will be accepted and saved.

That's all. Although in this guide we have focused on the process of fixing a appointment at a hairdresser from your mobile via Google, the truth is that this feature is also available in some restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms and other beauty centers. As Google explains on its official website, the procedure will be the same for any type of booking.

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