How to automatically lock my Windows 10 computer screen?

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Computers or computers that we have in our homes are tools that help us carry out tasks in a very practical way. Through them we can carry out specialized programs for specific tasks.

Its operation is based on data processing, which are transformed into information that we can understand. Its beginnings date back more than 70 years, since then it has perfected, becoming more capable and faster.

Computers are currently products with high technology, their functions and capabilities are very advanced. They work with basic software, this is what controls all the components of the computer.

Software developers are also constantly developing in order to make the most of the capabilities of the devices that occupy it. Between most used operating systems today we find Windows.

How to automatically lock my Windows 10 computer screen?

This program was launched in 1985 and has grown in popularity ever since. The Microsoft company decided to design a system that dealt with controlling a computer, by running various programs that made it possible.

Today the Windows operating system controls most of the computers we have in our homes. It is a very complete system that offers very practical tools that allow us to carry out tasks.

The functions they offer are increasingly specialized, thanks to the fact that updates are released from time to time. The most recent is Windows 10, this new version brings with it more advanced tools than previous versions.

In addition to the functions it offers, it is essential to know how to access these functions and configure them to our liking. In this article we will learn all the methods that can be used for automatically lock the screen of my Windows 10 computer.

Steps to lock my computer screen from user icon

The first method we will explain will be to access this function from our computer's user icon. For them, the first thing we need to do is position us on the screen of desktop of our computer.

Now let's go to the option of menu in Windows located at the bottom left of the screen and select it. The Windows menu will open, now we need to go to the top left corner and select the our user icon, there we have to click on the option "Block".

Steps to lock my computer screen using commands

This option is much more practical, simply by pressing a few keys at a time we can lock the screen of our Windows computer. To do this we have to press the key Ctrl, without releasing it we press the key Alt, lo we also hold down and press the key Canc.

In this way, we will access the options that will allow us to lock the screen, we only have to select the option "Block". Hello, our computer screen will have been locked automatically.

Steps to lock my computer screen from Windows search engine

To lock the screen using this method we need to go to Windows search bar, located at the bottom right of the screen. Here we must write "Block".

At the top the search results will appear, we have to look for the option that says “Lock the computer when I'm absent  for a period of time" and select it. The display settings tab will open.

Now we need to look for the option Show the screen of accesso at recovery and enable it. Finally, we click on the option Accept located at the bottom of the tab and voila, our Windows 10 computer screen will be locked.

In this way we have explained the methods by which we can lock our computer screen. As well as each of the steps that must be followed to perform this action.

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