How to be a gardener in Plants vs undead - Guide to play and generate rewards

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What is the goal of Gardener Mode in Plants vs Undead?

With the release of Agriculture 2.5, several tasks come for those players who develop the role of gardeners within the game. The main focus of gardeners will be to grow your own plants and benefit from them, this through the purchase of special seeds called Sunflower Mama and Sunflower Sapling, the first we mention have a cost of 200 LE (the currency used in -game) and a production of 850 LE every 144 hours, once this time has elapsed, the plant dies and you can claim the reward.

The sunflower sapling has a production of 250 LE in 72 hours of life, after this time this plant also stops producing LE and must be removed from the ground to plant another one.

It should be borne in mind that in the case of Sunflower Mama and Sunflower Sapling you need to buy a jar to start production.

What does it take to be able to enter Plants vs Undead as a gardener?

To perform the work of a gardener you need to have some elements that you can purchase in the Agricultural Mode Shop of the game, these elements are:

  • 1 Pack of water (Cost 50 LE)
  • 1 Scarecrow Pack (cost LE 20)
  • 1 Sunflower mom (Cost 200 LE)
  • 1 Small Pot (Cost 50LE)

With these items that cost 320 LE you will be able to sow your first Sunflower Mom and after 6 days you will get 850 LE, as a result of having sown that seed, which represents 530 LE of profit, which you can use to go back to buy Sunflower Mama and this time you will also have the money to buy sunflower sapling, which will give you 250 LE in 72 hours so you can expand your temporary plantation.

What are the tasks of gardeners in Plants vs. Undead?

Gardeners will have to take care of their plants with the aforementioned tools, and, starting September 12, with the launch of Farming 2.5, all players including gardeners will have to water the "World Tree" with water, a new element included in the farming mode that will give those who do at least 20 daily irrigations, different prizes between them, packs of water, scarecrow, surprise boxes, sunflower sapling and there is also a 1% chance to get a totally free NFT seed just to irrigate during the first week.

Irrigation mechanics

The irrigation mechanics for your plants is simple, all plants require 2 waterings every 24 hours, if a plant runs out of water, its production will stop until the end of its life cycle or until the gardener puts the corresponding water.

Scare the crows

Another thing to consider are crows, they appear randomly every two hours and can perch on some of your plants. For this reason you need to pay attention and constantly check your crops, since if a crow visits a plant, it will stop its production of LE until you remove the crow with a scarecrow or it will just retreat, for which at least 6 hours must pass ..

How the gardener's work rewards are handled in Plants vs Undead

All rewards that players receive within the game are represented in LE, this is the currency used for purchases within the farming mode, for every 100 LE we have the equivalent of the value of 1 PVU, which is the token used Plants vs Undead and through your purchase is that we can enter the game. The price of this token varies depending on the market and we can check its price in real time by accessing this link.

The LEs you accumulate by sowing and harvesting plants or through the different rewards for the daily missions in Farm 2.5 they will accumulate in your player profile.

Are there any action limits in Plants vs Undead Gardener Mode?

Gardeners will only be able to water their plants twice every 24 hours, no more than allowed. During the first week of farming 2.5 you can do all the watering you want to the world tree, but the minimum to be able to get the rewards is 20 waterings.

Another limitation that has been implemented by the developers of Plants vs Undead is that if you want to withdraw your LEs by converting them into PVUs and be able to have them in your virtual wallet or in the wallet you have linked to the game, you must have at least one plant NFT. However, despite having this facility, the ratio to withdraw your LE will be 300LE = 1 PVU, and you can only make 3 withdrawals per month.

If, on the other hand, you have two NFT systems on your property, you can withdraw as many times as you want to your wallet and with a ratio of 100 LE = 1 PVU, in both cases the system directly charges a commission of 0,05% of gas discounted by your PVUs and, depending on the wallet you use, you will also be charged one gas per transaction.

Between being a farmer or a gardener, what is best and most profitable for the user?

Each of the roles it has its advantages and a different profitability, as they both have to make an investment of money to start seeing their profits and the return on their investment.

In the case of gardeners, they must make a minimum investment of 5 PVUs in order to enter the game, with this they will be able to start producing LE by renting temporary plants, which they have to keep free from crows and constantly putting water so that production does not stop. With this minimal investment, the return can be appreciated after 6 days, assuming 320 LE was initially spent planting a Sunflower Mama and this produced 530 LE in profit, which is the same 5,3 PVU.

However, to collect these PVUs at a fair ratio (100LE = 1 PVU) the gardener must have at least 2 NFT plants on his land, so it will take longer to recover the investment, as he will have to buy two NFT plant seeds or collect 100 sunflower sapling seeds to swap with a first NFT seed and continue harvesting for the second NFT plant.

So in terms of profitability, it's still profitable, but there it will take longer to withdraw your winnings from the game, unless you inject multiple PVUs into your account and manage to acquire an NFT seed from the start, which would already be a farmer.

To be a farmer in Plants vs Undead, the process is different, since you will need to purchase an NFT seed or NFT plant directly in the in-game market and from the moment the plant will passively start producing LE

The amount of LE it produces will depend on the type and rarity of the plant you obtained, but you will also need to water it twice a day, keep it free from crows and take into account the over 20 weather events occurring in the world of Plants vs Undead, which affect LE production in NFT plants.

The investment these farmers have to make exceeds 120 PVU, which is the cheapest plant value on the market, however, the LE production of a plant of this type is about 120 LE per day or 1.2 PVU per day. With which we can say that in about three months this farmer will have recouped his investment and will start enjoying his earnings from owning a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) within Plants vs Undead.

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