How to be a good imposter among us: tips for winning

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If you've played Among Us, it's normal for you to get excited when it's your turn to be the imposter. Because? Because without a doubt this is the most fun of this game. For this reason, today we will explain how to win in Among Us playing as an imposter: best tips and tricks.

Tired of getting caught in Among Us when you are the impostor? Then you've come to the right place. After reading all this information, you will become a true silent killer.

Who are the impostors and what their mission is

What does the killer do in Among Us?

In Among Us there are two parts: the crew and the impostors. The impostors must kill the crew, while the crew must perform missions and avoid being killed. Just as you are thinking, the most exciting thing about this game is being the imposter and trying to kill all the crew.

The mission of the impostors in Among Us is simple: killing others without getting caught. But while it may seem like a no-brainer, the art of killing in Among Us without a trace is not easy to master. If you want to become a legendary imposter, check out the following tricks:

7 tips and strategies to win by being an impostor in Among Us

You are about to see a series of tips and strategies that will help you improve your imposter skills. If you spend a lot of time playing private Among Us games with your friends, then all these tricks will be of great help to you:

Doing homework

Do you think by being the killer you will put your homework aside? Well no. When it is your turn to be the imposter, you must perform your duties normally so that the other crew members do not suspect you.

If other crew members see you walking around without doing homework, they may think you are the imposter. Act normally, join the other crew members and don't do anything weird in so that no one distrusts you.

Become another crew member

Earn the trust of the rest of the players doing everything crew members do. This way there will be many people who will not vote for you thinking that "you are on their team".

Perform tasks together (with a single player or small group) e attack when no one is waiting for you. This way, no one will be able to see your murders and it will be difficult for them to distrust you during every vote.

Eliminate the champion as soon as possible

Are you playing with your friends and you know that there is someone with a lot of skills? Therefore do what is necessary to kill him as soon as possible. Over time, this person will be able to investigate until they realize that you are the imposter. But if you kill him first, he'll just have to shut up, help the crew, and watch you commit the murders.

The famous trick of light

One of the most classic dramas of the good impostors in Among Us is that of light. This consists turning down the electric lights when there are many crew members gathered and murder someone who is within the group.

Be careful, you must be clear that it is not easy to do this trick. You should practice several times before it comes out naturally. However, mastering this technique will allow you to assassinate many crew members in each match.

Beware of the lies you tell

Remember the activities you pretend to do and do them in the appropriate place. Note that there are a lot of visual tasks, like shielding, so don't try to fool anyone in these kinds of places when it's your turn to be the imposter.

Sabotaged like the grown-ups

Know the map and do the best sabotage

Sabotage is not just pressing the button and that's it, you have to do it with good intention if you want to win the game. Try to sabotage the opposite side of where you are, so you can assassinate any crew member who wants to go and fix it. A trap that many can fall into!

Be careful!

In Between the United States one has to be cautious

It may seem very obvious, but try to be as cautious as possible! In Among Us you have to be stealthy when you are the imposter, as it's the best thing you can do if you don't want anyone to find out about you.

When you go kill someone or use a sewer, make sure there is no one around you who can report you. Get together with other impostors and work as a team, but without being too obvious. Caution is the key to becoming a successful imposter.

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