How to block a hard drive from accessing the taskbar in Windows 10

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On our Windows desktop we can see different tools that allow us to have access to all programs or processes of the system. Among these we can highlight the function performed by the taskbar, in which we can anchor any application and have direct access to it. For this reason we will explain what you need to do for   dock a hard drive's access in Windows 10 to the taskbar.

The unfortunate thing is that it only allows us to repair applications or programs in this area of ​​our desktop. And if we want to anchor other types of elements such as files, documents or folders for any reason, we will not be allowed to do so. And in that sense, so little will we be allowed to dock a hard drive on the bar of the uses.

In order to discover one of the fantastic virtues of the new version of Windows 10, is its level of Customization and allows for options that were previously impossible. And now you can change many of them, for example by making the PowerShell or CMD window transparent.

How to block a hard drive from accessing the taskbar in Windows 10

This procedure is very simple to perform and in this way you will have direct access to yours hard drive on the desktop and specifically on the taskbar. And to do that, we will do the following, we will go to This computer to find the disk drive we want to dock in the taskbar.

Then we go directly to Windows Explorer to enter the location of the disk drive. The next step is to click on the drive we choose and in the options we will select Create Shortcut. This action will create a desktop shortcut, but we still need to make changes to its properties.

This is so that the system assumes the link is an application, so we will proceed to the next step. On the link we will locate with the cursor and right click and select the Properties option. Now being inside this window we are going to choose the Destination section.

Here we will create the explorer label C: it is important to leave a space between the word Explorer and the drive letter. Once this is done, we will just have to click on the Accept option. And now we will notice that the Windows Explorer icon has changed, this will allow the taskbar to support this icon.

How to change the link icon

The next step will be to change the icon to let us know that it is a disk drive, so we will do the following. We position ourselves on the shortcut and we will right click on it, the menu with the options will appear and we will choose Properties. And in it we will look for the Change Icon option .

So let's go to the bar where the path is written and we will proceed to change it to c: Windowssystem32imageres.dll. We will be shown different icons referring to disk drives and we will choose the one we prefer. The next step will be to click the OK option, then click Apply and finally OK again.

As a last step, you need to right-click on the shortcut to which the icon has been changed and choose the Pin to Taskbar option.

And voila, you already have a hard drive stuck on bar of the uses, without complications. And now we just have to check that clicking on the icon directs you to that drive.

If that happens that when you click on the icon it is docked in your system tray and it directs you to another drive. It is very likely that you wrote the letter that does not match in the path, simply change the path and type the letter that matches. And voila, in a very simple way you learned how to block hard drive access to taskbar in Windows 10.

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