How to block a person, user or someone on Badoo from their mobile

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But who or what offers us the possibility to communicate with people from anywhere? All this thanks to nothing more and nothing less than i social networks.

Social networks, as we said before, have played an important role in the objective of offering their users the possibility to communicate and meet people from any part of the planet. Among the forerunners of this movement are names of major companies such as Facebook or Twitter.

The point is that over time these have been a priority in many more areas being much more general, but today there are applications totally focused on meeting people from different places, some of the best known are Tinder or Grindr, but we want to tell you about one that has had a big boom.

What is Badoo and what does it offer us?

Given the curiosity of meeting people from different places, starting a conversation with them, and even being able to get a date, well-known applications have been created that focus on these topics. But there is one that has experienced remarkable growth and development in the last few years.

Let's talk about Badoo, a social network that has been on the market for more than 15 years but over the years has had an impressive boom to the point that today it counts on its own platform about 395 million registered users from all over the world and these numbers are increasing every day.

Badoo is a totally focused platform about giving you the opportunity to meet people from various places on the planet, as well as those who are close to your respective location. Thanks to this app available in the vast majority of operating systems we can start a conversation and even make an appointment.

This will present us a large number of options, such as, for example, it will provide us with a radar controlled with your GPS (which you will need to have activated). This will indicate those people who have also installed the Badoo app and are interested in chatting and meeting people who are nearby.

You can download this innovative and useful application from the Play Store or through an alternative or third-party store if you have a mobile device with Android system.

You can also make this app available in the App Store available for iPhone. You can also enter directly through the Badoo site from any browser.

How can I block a user from the Badoo app with my mobile device?

Being a network with a large number of users we will meet people of all kinds and it is very likely that we will come across some who are not so pleasant or we just don't want to talk to them. For these types of situations, the Badoo app presents us with some options to prevent this from happening.

So that this does not happen to us we will have to block this respective user, to do this we will have to follow some important points to achieve it. Next we will tell you how you can block a person from the Badoo platform in case you are logged in from your mobile device.

Our first step will be to enter the Badoo app, once inside we will go to the conversation boxes, this is located in the lower right part of the portal, we will select it and we will search in the conversation bar for the user chat you want to block from your account.

We will enter this person's profile and delineate to the end, there we will find an option that will say "Block or inform". Finally we will click there and enter the reason why we want to block this account, due to abuse, spam or inappropriate content.

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