How to block a web page in the Safari browser on my Mac

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Although you should keep in mind that these controls will only work in the Safari browser. If you want to block websites in other browsers such as Google or Firefox, you will use another method.

In our particular case we will use a very simple method so that you can block a web page in the browser Safari of my Mac. And you have no problem with entries on pages you don't want any family members to access.

Performing the checks in our browser is very simple and fast, but it is also important to learn how to clean and know how to clear or delete the cache and cookies of the safari browser, so that it does not lose speed.

How to block a web page in the Safari browser on my Mac

The process for block a web page in the Safari browser on my Mac it is a bit long but it will give you the security you are looking for for the protection of your family. Then we will show you the steps to take so that you can activate the blocking of one or more web pages via the parietal control, so let's get started.

The first step is to open the System References tool, so that the list of applications installed on the Mac. The second step is to find and select the Account option which is located in the System section. The next thing we're going to do is go to the lock icon and click there.

This is located at the bottom of the window, by selecting this option we can enter new accounts. If necessary and prompted, enter your admin password, then you need to click plus icon (+). This will be found on the bottom left and will allow you to add the new account.

Steps to block a web page in the Safari browser

Now the next step is to enter the data that you are asked for create the account, such as your name, password, and a password hint.

Something important you shouldn't check the box Allow administrator, because in that case, this user will have administrator privileges. This means that you will be able to log into your PC and delete and add accounts.

When finished you need to click on the option Create account and then click the Disable automatic login option. This option will allow all registered users to log in when using the PC. Now we will go to the parental controls and for this we look for the username in the list that is shown on the left side.

And then select the tab parental Control, now select the checkbox that appears next to Safari and then click on the Configure option.

Next you have to log in as a new user and then you will open the Safari browser. Here you will configure to allow access to Web pages.

Go back to the Finder again and choose the Log Out option, then log back in with the new user account. The next step is to launch the Safari browser and click on the option Pref Renze and then on the option Safety. And in the option Turn on parental controls you have to check the box and then you have to enter your password as administrator.

In the favorites bar you need to add the favorites of the allowed sites and delete the other favorites. Finally, go back to Safari, select Preferences, then Security and in the option Activate wall control, you need to check the box. And re-enter the password as administrator for the changes to take effect.

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