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Believe it or not, social networks are able to influence their users. But in turn, this phenomenon is able to allow connection via calls between users from different parts of the world. And that is precisely why it is so popular today.

How to block and prevent comments on Facebook posts

Facebook took care of ensure the safety of its users, applying to its platform features that allow the removal of content. And it even sanctions users who share inappropriate information.

But unfortunately this option to block and avoid comments on Facebook posts is not yet available. It can only be done in groups but not directly in our profile.

However, and like nothing, Facebook is impossible if you can restrict content and prevent certain people from viewing and commenting on your information.

First we go to our Facebook account and go to the Privacy Shortcuts option. We click there and then on "See more privacy options".

Right in that menu you can configure the publications to prevent your selected contacts from being able to view them. You can also enable the option where only you can see your posts.

Select the “future releases” option and a window simulating a Facebook post will immediately appear on your screen. Check the "friends" box   which will appear under your name.

And in this way you can select who can view the content you post on this social network, whether they are: friends, public, friends except ...

What is Facebook Messenger?

It is the Facebook messaging application, designed to expand functions and facilitate communication between users. Available on Android devices which facilitates access.

You knew you could put Facebook Messenger in dark mode? Yes, this is possible in this application. You can change the color of the appearance, just click on your profile picture located on the top left. And slide the bar that appears there to enable this option.

Another very interesting function is to deactivate the focus. This allows you to stay connected but without your contacts seeing it, a very useful option if talking quietly with just one of your friends is your desire.

And last but not least, this App allows you to customize your chats. With options ranging from different colors to the icons and speech bubbles. Not only that, but you can choose the default icon for this chat, which should be more easily accessible.

Advertising on Facebook

About 95% of users of Facebook does not come with the intention of making purchases. But this application allows you to create commercial campaigns that allow you to increase the profits of your business.

Facebook Ads are Facebook Ads that have become an indispensable tool when it comes to growing your business.

And it also allows you to instantly view the results of your campaign. One of the advantages is that this App runs a fairly large database.

And at the same time it allows you to view the basic information of each of your users and in this way study your field of work.

Facebook Watch

This is a Facebook section where we can view all the videos uploaded to this platform. Today this function allows us to see the videos of the pages we follow and formulates recommendations based on the tastes of its users.

Its icon has the Facebook logo inside a PC monitor. It has a series of tags or hastags that make it easier to find.

You have an option at your disposal call Watch the party in which you can invite your friends or people who are in the same social circle and you can share and discuss the video at the same time.

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