How to block and prevent them from inserting links in the comments of my YouTube videos?

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Perhaps this is one of the reasons for hiding the likes or dislikes of a YouTube video. Since, if your channel is successful, many users can share links that could damage the content.

It is common to see many other users in the content of a channel trying to promote their profiles using the link in the comments.

It can be annoying for other people to want to push your content from someone else's videos, taking advantage of the attention they receive.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the comments to receive spam or spam links and other items by configuring comments. These can be done in general way or individually in each video, following the steps below shows you how to do it.

Avoid links in comments by hiding the user who wrote it

There is no algorithm or tool that allows you to avoid links in comments, this one it will depend entirely on the user.

The most drastic option would be to avoid leaving comments on YouTube by deactivating them and thus nipping the problem at its root.

Comments that contain links are usually recurring and belong to the same person, and usually have the same content. But, from the settings " Post comments ”Of a video, you can hide the comments of a specific person.

To do this, you just have to log into YouTube, access the channel and look for the option ”YouTube Studio“, which you can access in the profile icon menu located on the top right.

This is usually the third option, it can also be entered from the button with the same name found under the above-mentioned icon.

Once there, the list of videos found in the left sidebar will be selected, which appears in second place with the name " Video ".


Upon entering, the card "Loads" the list of contents will appear. To see comments on a video, you need to locate it and hover over it. Five will be displayed small icons, the comment one will be the one that looks like a conversation cloud with three lines in the middle.

By clicking on the button, a list with all the comments in the video, now we proceed to search for the publication with the link or spam. When we find it, the pointer is placed over it and it will show other small buttons, we select the one with three dots. From the options it shows, the one that says " Hide channel user ".

Avoid links in comments by putting them in review

Compared to the previous procedure, it has a disadvantage, namely that, when you block a user from the channel, all their comments are also hidden.

Which might be fine if you were constantly spamming, but you might also have left a positive review of the video.

This positive comment it will still be hidden, which is not ideal, and while it may never be, it is preferable to leave it as a last resort.

Instead, there is another way to avoid links in comments without block or hide users from the community.


This same proceeds to divert publications in a review section where they will be evaluated by the person before being applied in the video.

The way to achieve this is through Youtube Studio, within the same segment you have to go to the section " Settings "In the sidebar.

This will show a pop-up window with different options on the left, the one that says " Default upload configuration ".

There, we will go to the called tab " Advanced Settings “, Which will go to the end of the segment until the last options.

There you will find the section " Post comments ", Which has a drop-down menu bar with adjustment alternatives, select and choose the option" Leave any comments pending review "

Therefore, all new comments that are made will be reflected in the section tab " Post comments ”In the sidebar of the main menu.

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