How to block unwanted specific channels or videos from YouTube?

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Therefore, this platform shows the user content that they could be of interest, as well as other content that may seem unnecessary. This will be subject to the tastes and preferences of the person, so they would try that certain videos or content are not shown even remotely on their channel.

For example, if you have a young child, the ideal would be tips on the best educational channels for children on YouTube and nothing more than the focus of this type of video.

What is simple to get, you just have to know where to go for block a specific user or video and from this text it is shown how.

How to block or unfollow a YouTube channel

To be able to block a specific channel that contains content that don't like them to the user or that seem offensive, you need to log in first.

But, if you are someone who uses YouTube without ever signing up, you have to do this yes or yes to complete such actions.

That said, you don't need to create an account for " Login “, You just need to have an email from Google to do this, which will ask for the page upon launch.

In this way, the email address will have been linked to the channel and it will be possible to make customization settings such as blocking specific channels or videos.

Once this procedure is done, the person can get an override and this it is obtained by entering the channel of the user to be blocked. For this, you can search for a video that you have uploaded and within the general information of the content you can find a link.

The link will contain the channel name of the person, which once pressed will redirect us to the page of the user in question.

If you follow the channel and don't want to see so much information about it, either because you don't like its videos anymore, you can stop following it.

This will ensure that content that is loaded or displayed on the main page as a suggestion will no longer be notified. But it will still be possible to watch your videos.

Lock the channel

Now, if what you want is to completely block a user, you can do it in a segment within the channel that says " Further information ".

Within this tab, you will find a flag icon in a section of the same section with the name of " Stats ".

This flag, when you place the pointer on it, will generate a message that says " Report channel ". This will not necessarily denounce the channel, but will allow certain actions to be taken in this regard.

Since, by clicking on it, it will allow the user to choose different options ranging from reporting the icon or header, to the specific user.

If you do not want to make complaints of any kind, give the person the opportunity to " Block user Who owns the channel. In this way, he will also not be able to interact with the person who blocked him.

Block a specific YouTube video

Blocking specific channels or videos usually has the same procedure when it comes to block content of a YouTube user.

In the previous step, to get the cancellation of the person, the channel had to be entered by direct access to one of his videos.

This time, to reach it with a specific visual product, you just need to find it from the search bar or on the main screen if it is present.

As for the channel, the flag on which complaints can be made must be placed within the audiovisual content in question.

This can be found in the same section I am in " I like it " is " I do not like ", As well as the button" Share " is " Save ”In the menu with dots.

When you click on it, you will see the flag icon that will have the wording " Report ”Where it will be possible to block the video.

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