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If you have a computer, surely you keep important personal information on it, such as work documents, schoolwork, personal documents that you have scanned and endless data that you jealously guard.

From automatically scanning Windows Defender USB drives to removing shortcut viruses on PCs and USB drives, nothing can get out of hand with something so delicate.

And is that not only can malware invade your computer, but anyone with access to your PC it could extract your documents with a simple USB and some time.

Also, when you insert the portable device, it would have the possibility of being the cause of the infection, as it has a virus. Especially if your PC isn't properly protected. It is useful to know which are the best USB memory antivirus for these cases.

In this sense, to preserve the information we fear losing, we could do almost anything. It is precisely at this point that the tool we carry today comes into play. A USB port lock.


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With this tool we can restrict or block USB memories on a PC in so that they do not have the possibility to access our computer.

The tool we told you about is the " USB Flash Block Unblock ". More specifically the job it does is disable or block the USB inputs.

This lock is portable, meaning you shouldn't install anything on your computer. Just run the program and configure the USB ports.

But before that, you wonder how I get it? Don't worry, you can download it directly from the internet, searching for it by name.

Likewise, you also have the option to download it from the “Kioskea” page, quickly and safely. What we will find at the end of the download is a compressed file, a ".zip". We have to unzip it to get an icon where you can see a USB.

The file should then be right-clicked. Now we're going to choose the option "Run as administrator".

In this way, we will see the interface of the block, this is quite simple and we will find directly what we are looking for.

Step by step to block USB sticks

Having already downloaded and unzipped the file that gives us access to this fabulous tool, we must follow the following steps.

First, run USB Flash Block Unblock. Then, we will see the program options while showing us the status of our USB device, that is, whether it is enabled or not.

We have to connect the USB memory or pendrive, in order to configure that port. If you want to check the reading status of the USB input, keep the “Computer” window open.


When inserting the USB, we will see that the icon representing it appears in the “Devices and drives” section. Let's go back to the block interface and select from the options the one we want, we can block or disable. The changes are saved by pressing the blue “Floppy”.

We now proceed to extract the USB drive that we use to customize preferences, and so when you reinsert it you will see the changes.

For example, if you choose to disable it, when you plug a portable device into the port, you will not get the icon in the "Computer" folder that allows you to access the memory.

To undo the changes, or log in, you need to insert the USB into the port and from the block choose the option to enable it.

In order for the changes to be processed correctly, it is necessary to press the “Floppy” and remove the device. Just like you did before. As a bonus, we recommend that you don't leave the portable lock file on your desktop.

If possible, keep it in the safest place you can think of. Or where do you think no one else would think to look. This will ensure that your information is safe from unwanted people when locking USB sticks on a PC.

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