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The platform  YouTube videos allows you to view videos of all kinds, be they music videos, about a tutorial that interests you, trivia, etc. You can see everything you can imagine, but people who share our team will also have access to them, which is why today we introduce you how to block youtube channels and videos.

The number of videos that are uploaded to this platform is impressive YouTube on a daily basis and the number of videos you can watch. When you play, even if you delete your history, it offers you video suggestions that appear automatically. But how to avoid these tips and not show me videos that I don't like?

Because there is also the possibility that you want to block some channels because they contain material that you simply don't like. It could also be a slightly risque music video that you don't want your kids to watch. In any case, you have the possibility to configure the options of this platform for block channels and videos.

How to block YouTube channels and videos

The steps we will teach you below, just not you can block channels that you don't want to see. You can also flag the content of other videos you know that don't have appropriate content for you or your kids. This short tutorial is aimed at those people who are offended by these videos.

To get started, we will show you how to do this by logging in from a personal computer. The first thing you are going to do is enter the YouTube platform and you must enter the profile of the channel in which the video to be blocked or reported is produced. Once you are in the profile, you need to look for the tab that says More Info.

You can locate it in the upper right part, next to the comments, you need to select it by making a clip on it. This option will take you to a new window where you will find information about the channel, here you need to look for the icon in the form of a flag. When you create a clip on that icon, you will see several options to flag the content.

It will show you three options, which are Block user, Report channel header and Report channel icon.  For our channel you need to select the Block user option, a dialog box pops up saying.

If you block this user, you will not be able to leave comments on the videos you have uploaded. And then you need to hit the Submit button.

And in this way you will have permanently blocked this user, but you will always have the possibility to unblock him by performing the same operation you did to block him.

How to block YouTube channels and videos from your mobile

To perform this step you need to log in to the YouTube platform and enter the profile of the channel in which the video you do not want to continue viewing appears. Having done this and being in your profile, go to the top right and select the icon that has three dots. By pressing there, several options will appear.

Among the options you will get are Share, Block user, Settings, Watch on TV, Terms and privacy policies and Help and comments. From all these options you need to select the option Block user. When you press another box appears and you must select Block and then it will be blocked.

It is possible that after performing this action on our mobile phones, the video continues to be displayed. In those cases you have to proceed as follows, first you locate yourself in the video and in its upper right part you will find three points. You will press them and it will present you with a number of options.

Here you can select from Don't Matter, Save to Watch Later, Save to Playlist, Share, Report. In our case, we will select the option that I don't care. The video will be removed immediately, but you will see two Cancel options and tell us why. You are about to select the option Tell us why.

When you do this, three more options appear, I have already seen the video, the video I do not like and I am not interested in this channel and selections of   block YouTube channels and videos.

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