How to build a bow or crossbow in ARK: Survival Evolved with tranquilizers or narcotic arrows

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Ways to perform bows or crossbows

The ARK: Survival Evolved bow is a weapon that, for those players who learn to use it correctly, will have the ability to become incredible conquerors, becoming one of the main hunting tools, thanks to its ease of inflicting damage, its ability to shoot calming arrows, even managing to tame dinosaurs.

Crossbows are weapons that we use in self-defense, but they are used for carry out a more advanced hunt, becoming the improved version of the bow, so it is a more harmful tool, it also uses the calming arrow and the stone arrow.

To make the crossbow we must first have a workbench, this will serve us not only to make weapons but also armor, transforming raw materials into useful objects, to build the workbench you need 5 iron ingots, 30 pieces of wood, 50 stone and 20 animal skins.

- crossbow ingredients are, 35 pieces of fiber, 10 pieces of wood and 7 iron ingots, when you collect these materials you go to the side of the job and that's it.

How to use the crossbow and bow?

The use of the crossbow in ARK: Survival Evolved is based on the charge of arrows, it has the characteristic of being a long-range weapon, we can use it both on land and in water, giving the player an advantage to tame marine animals, if aim your head at the targets, you will have a damage bonus.

Also, if we use it against aerial targets, we will have a bonus in attack, doing much more damage to aerial dinosaurs than to terrestrial ones, we must keep in mind that although the crossbow does a lot of damage, its recharge is a bit slow, if you are attacked by many targets, each recharge lasts 0,6 seconds.

The bow on the other hand is slower, to load it you have to open the inventory, click on the arrows and go up on the bow with the routes and load it, just like the crossbow can be used as a long range weapon and depending on the arrow you use you can knock out opponents.

The bow can be used to marry land and air animals, if you want to use it for aquatic animals you will have to stay on the shore, as this weapon does not have the ability to shoot underwater.

Types of arrows and their uses

The soothing arrows of ARK: Survival Evolved they are very useful when taming a dinosaur, since as the name indicates, it has the ability to numb the target, at level 6 we will unlock the mortar, which will help us for this, so we will have We have to go up to level 21 and we will unlock the tranquilizer arrows.

The main ingredient is the narcotic berries, these are taken from the map, we will also use rotten meat, with these two, using the mortar, he will give us a green substance called "narcotic", with this we just need to make some stone arrows and we can create tranquilizing arrows.

Another type of arrow, which we get first for its easy manufacture, is the arrow with a stone point, it is the most basic of the game and, like all the other arrows, it can be picked up from the ground, if it has not been broken, to make it we need 2 units of straw, 2 fibers and 1 flint.

Flint can be obtained killing creaturesFinally, it is not difficult to obtain the metal arrow, it is obtained at level 70 and to make it you need 3 straws, 3 fibers, 3 ingots, a cement and a polymer. In addition to having to be produced in a factory.

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