How to build a good team in Axie Infinity: the best combos

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How does a good team differ from a bad one?

A good team it is balanced, you need to know the main roles in the teams and look for the aces that fill those roles.

To have a good team you have to take into account the statistics, the aces have four statistical attributes such as: Health, Speed, Skill, Morale. If you want to know what the best ax stat is, you just need to look at the highest possible amount per stat.

Something that differentiates a good team from a bad team are the cards or skills of the acesfor example, tanks must have the ability to survive longer. Damage dealer cards should be battle based.

What is the best Axie Infinity team?

Keep in mind that the perfect team or the perfect team setup does not exist. If you focus on finding a balanced team, that is good tank, good attack and utility, you can go far in the beginning.

It is important to remember that Axie must have the cards that will help him fulfill his role in the game. For example, if you are a defender your cards should primarily be cards that help you survive. If we are talking about an attacker, his cards should be the ones that cause the most damage to the opponent.

If you take this into account when choosing your team, you can progress in the game until you have a good budget that allows you to invest more in your team and have more profits.

What team roles are there in Axie Infinity?

If you want to build a team that has a higher profit margin in the game, you need to take into consideration the main roles that are in Axie Infinity:

Each team needs aces that stand up front and have the ability to absorb the damage done by the enemy. That's why you need to arm yourself with a good one Defender (Tank), they will defend your back as you try to gain energy and cards. If you arm yourself with a good Tank, you can go far with your full gear and you can launch powerful attacks.

The axes of plants and reptiles are good defenders, since they have bonuses that give them greater survival, there are times when the waters are used as tanks.

Another important role in the game is that of striker. Attackers focus on causing damage to the enemy, for this they have a shield and their HP is low, that is, if you have to keep them behind a tank to increase their chances of survival and do their job well.

Le axes beast and bird they have cards that deal a significant amount of damage and bonuses at high speed and morale. Remember that morale increases the chances of getting good hits, which makes these aces a good alternative in the Attack role.

What are the first tanks you should choose?

The first tanks you should choose are those characterized by the combination of: health, defense, healing and offensive utility.

Your health is important to the role you play, protecting the team. Silver or moon-type axes are normally chosen as tanks, as their health reserves are large. The water and reptile type axes follow, their health reserve is 39 HP. Bugs and Star have 35 HP, Beasts 31 HP and Birds 27 HP.

Axis parts contribute to axis stats, can add HP. And as you progress and complete all seasons of the game, the aces evolve and that increases in health, defense, healing and utility.

Where do I find the best cards to buy for my Axie?

Each of the aces has four skills that come out of their body parts, and those skills spawn two cards for the manager's deck.

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