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Build a sturdy house in Rust, the basics

Before you start building in Rust to protect yourself from raids and have a home for your character, you need to consider several things. These are very basic aspects, but it is certainly fundamental collect the materials and choose the terrain appropriately. To do this, focus on what we will indicate below

Collect lots of supplies

It might seem like a no-brainer, but gathering lots of materials is the first thing to do before building, and it's just as important as getting scrap in Rust. If you are starting a game, it would be better start building with wood. For this reason, it is advisable to get as much wood as possible.

Indeed, if you want to create a small but well established refuge, find 2.000 or 3.000 lumber it would be a good starting point. This isn't just about building, in fact, getting materials in Rust is a core of gameplay.

Choose the terrain

Once the minimum quantity necessary to build a shelter has been collected, it will be necessary to choose the soil. Terrain is super relevant for many reasons. First, the choice of land close to resources and food will come in handy for game development. At the same time, it is better choose flat terrain, for constructive reasons.

Choosing a terrain with variations, climbs or irregularities is not the best. In fact you can give it a try and try to build on rough terrain, you will see that the construction system will set you limits. Therefore, try to select suitable soil that is as flat as possible.

Start building in Rust

The first thing when building is to create a plan, for this you will need at least 100 woods. You must therefore equip the blueprint, because only by using it you can build in Rust.

When selecting the plan, the first thing we will put is the foundation, which lays the foundations for the entire construction. As we have pointed out before, it is very important that the terrain is flat, in this way the construction will be greatly facilitated.

As you will see there are different types of foundation, we have the square foundation and the triangular foundation. The choice of each will depend on what you want to build, but surely the most basic is the square foundation. The foundation becomes the floor of your structure, so the first thing is to establish the size of your construction.

As you will see, the construction will be shown in blue or red, blue means you can build, while red means that it is not possible to make this construction. After laying the foundation, the walls arrive, arrange them as you see fit, but remember to leave a free space for the door.

As for building tips, clearly stronger materials are best to avoid being raided. In any case, it is very difficult to find them at first, so you can do a wooden shelter. In turn, the shape and details will clearly depend on your creativity.

After building

Once construction is complete, it is highly recommended that you focus on obtaining weapons in Rust and other resources, so that you are prepared for the dangers that lurk. Whether they are gamers or animals, it is best to be prepared and with a good shelter, weapons and food, in this way you will already have much of what is required for Rust.

However, if for any reason you get stuck or find yourself in a constraint from which you cannot escape, remember that there is always the possibility of committing suicide in Rust, even if it is used as a last resort.

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