How to buy and sell in the New World? - Complete guide to trading

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If you are a fan of MMOs, Amazon Games Studios has this new proposition for you called New World, which was launched recently.

If it catches your attention, there are many platforms where you can buy it, as this PC game has been well received by experienced gamers, that's why we offer you this complete exchange, where we will explain how to buy and sell in the New World.

What are the ways to sell within the New World?

This game has had excellent receptivity among its players, becoming a stiff competition with other big MMOs. If you ask yourself, what are the ways to sell within the New World? We will mention them below.

Sales post

In every city you visit there is a stall or a shopping center, here you can offer products and wait for another player to buy them ; When you sell in this way they charge you a small fee, this varies by municipality, remember to check the taxes before selling at the booth.

Sales order

The sales order is placed at the stalls, consists of observing what materials other players are looking for and selling, then publish your product at a lower price to sell as quickly as possible.

Directly with the players

This is a good option in case you have an item that has great value, in this way the sale is more direct, and you can also help novice players who need guidance and advice to succeed in the game.

Want to know how to trade in the New World? Don't stop reading, we have the best guide of all.

How can you make a purchase order for use in the New World?

To place a purchase order and use it in the New World you must go to a store, remember that they are found in all cities. When interacting with the shop a window opens with three tabs: buy, sell and my offers.

Check the request list and see how much they are offering for items, the best combat weapons have the highest value. Do not forget! Then, select the "my offers" option and place your items, we recommend that you sell them at a lower price than what you get in the market.

So you place the sell or purchase order, the procedure is the same, with the purchase order you will receive a notice when the items will be available at the price you are offering, you can place these orders in all the cities you visit.

How can you trade with other players from the New World?

If you want to trade with other players, you have to be close and press the H key, in the menu select the option to trade; When the other player agrees, he can select the items he wants to buy or sell, don't forget that rare or highly sought-after items have a higher value.

It's very simple, you just have to drag the article into the exchange window, we recommend that you review the articles thoroughly before finalizing the process. This option is highly recommended, as during the exchange they can do it for any item, so for new teams and participants it is highly recommended.

Taking into account all the risks and rewards, what is the best way to trade?

By re-evaluating the three alternatives we have mentioned, we can say that selling directly to the sales booth does not give you a big advantage because of the tax that you are charged at the time of payment of the product, remember that these taxes vary according to the municipality.

The sell order is a great option, in the first place because you can have these orders in all cities without any problem; What we recommend is that you review the selling prices of the item, so that you can make an offer that will sell out quickly, however, you still have an option to choose from to make your sales.

Finally, we have the direct exchange between players, with this option the sale is more personal; will be able to reach an agreement that is beneficial to both players. Experts of this game recommend considering all options, but the best are the last two we mentioned, don't wait any longer and it produces a lot of gold.

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