How to buy Axies in the MarketPlace - Create your team in Axie Infinity

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To be successful in this game, it is very important to know the classes and attributes of each Axie, which we can buy in the game's Marketplace. In this guide we will show you how to buy your Axies in order to form the best possible team and guarantee you many wins in their game modes.

Is it allowed to buy and sell Axie Infinity accounts?

The game developers do not prohibit account trading, however, the fact that a person buys an account it does not mean that that account has Axies now associated, as an Axie is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which, as it is an asset with a defined value, will be reflected and managed through a wallet compatible with this game.

So, if you are about to acquire an Axie account, you need to make sure what the seller offers in its sale, as this type of transaction paves the way for a large number of scams.

What is the price of the Axie infinity coin in USD?

The economy that mobilizes this game causes people who have accounts to manage two different types of currencies, one of them being the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), which is the native currency of the game and at the time of this writing This object has a value equivalent to 69,66 US $.

The other "Currency" that is used in the game is the SLP (Smooth Love Potion), which is used to give rewards to players for completing in-game activities in adventure mode or even for victories obtained in in-game Arena adventure mode. At the time of this writing, the value dell’SLP è 0,098996 US $.

The prices of these and other cryptocurrencies can be consulted on any exchange page of cryptocurrency like Coingeko o Binance.

Where can I safely buy Axie Infinity?

The safest way to acquire Axies without risk of being scammed is to purchase them directly on the in-game Marketplace, before buying them you must make sure that you have the necessary funds in your Ronin wallet and be able to pay the cost of the Aces you wish to acquire.

If you don't know how to set up your wallet, access this link so you can learn a finance and manage the SLPs in your portfolio virtual and you can enter the Axie Infinity marketplace and purchase your creatures to start playing.


If you want to buy SLP or AXS safely and with these funds in order to acquire your first Axies team, you can log in to, this is one of the trading platforms of criptovaluta larger and trustworthy that exists today, since When you create your account on this platform, it is necessary to complete a thorough identity verification to prevent the creation of accounts with false data and thus provide a secure way to acquire the tokens.


Upbit is a Korean company that developed a very safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchange system in 2017. This Exchange supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged between them and among these we can find SLP and AXS when we need them.

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