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Why should i buy GTA 5 import / export business or warehouse?

Imports and Exports are just another eye-catching GTA update: multiplayer online, bringing with it new missions and objectives. They are mainly based on a " extension »For companies introduced in "New adventures in finance and crime". Game expansion aimed at creating your empire.

Which adds more excitement to being able to create or join a crew in GTA 5, because together with your friends you can emerge into the world of crime.

This new mode adds an extra spice to the sale of "Special goods", since it generates new criminal activities for the growth and development of organizations. So that your sales and profits increase with the traffic of different types of businesses. With the aim of buying and selling cars and also trading weapons.

To fully immerse yourself in this game expansion, purchasing GTA 5 Import / Export or Warehouse Business should be your top priority. Build your own small business step by step, missions based on these illicit activities will be unlocked to entertain your attention.

These missions range from those whose main objective is to steal, to those where you simply have to carry out an assignment. To acquire one of the special vehicles offered by the game for these jobs.


There is no doubt that this game mode is really interesting once the story mode has been successfully completed previously. The more experience you gain in the hours you spend in a game, the better the results will be. Furthermore, the reward in GTA $, the game currency, it will be worth it.

Thus, the new import or export warehouses will allow your criminal empire to take command of the criminal market. Each deposit of space you purchase will be reflected in your GTA $ wallet.

What do I need to have an import / export warehouse?

To purchase GTA 5 import / export business or warehouse, you must first purchase one of the 4 offices that are available. They are a prerequisite for getting started with your empire, as they are available on the " Dynasty8 Executive» or » Clicking »On the banner

You can choose between «Maze Bank West», «Arcadius Business Center», «Lombank West» and «Maze Bank Tower», depending on the description of each. Once purchased, your contact "personal assistant" it will be added to your phone.

Within the game, you can access the network «SecuroServ» through the computer , intended to serve as a method of purchase for any store where you wish to store your merchandise in the future.

There are 6 small warehouses, 8 medium warehouses and the same quantity in the large ones, you can have up to 5 of them. Depending on the size you buy, you can unlock respectively a basic truck, a truck " rumpo »Custom or truck» Breach «.


Ready! Once you manage to buy a business or warehouse di GTA 5 import / export, regardless of size, it's time to make it grow. Finding boxes of goods obtained in missions or buying information to find out where they are… The world is yours.

Finally, you should know that thanks to the successful updates that have been included in the game, after creating your warehouse, you will be able to venture into many other activities such as buying houses and properties in GTA.

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