How to buy land at Wanaka Farm and what is its price?

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Wanaka Farm has grown among the many video games that work with tokens. One of the pillars of its operation is the acquisition of land. That is why we have prepared this article to explain how to buy them safely and quickly.

Where is the option to buy land from Wanaka Farm?

Initially, the sale of land at Wanaka Farm it was possible via a Google form. This started thanks to the game's development team.

To participate in that first sale, all you had to do was fill out the form. However, this has already happened. And many who have failed to seize the opportunity wonder if it is too late.

The good news is, no. Although no other sales have been announced yet, there is a similar modality: land rents. These work through smart contracts that ensure the safety of the buyer and seller.

For this reason, the player who sells the land cannot offer it to someone else if it has already been purchased. Likewise, there is a time limit on the rent, so as soon as it expires, the seller reclaims the land.

What is the procedure for purchasing land at Wanaka Farm?

To purchase land at Wanaka Farm, the sale must first be announced by the team, which will offer it directly on its website. On the other hand, you need to have a certain WANA token budget. At least the equivalent of around $ 200 to $ 250.

The buying process would be the same as the first one done at Wanaka Farm. The development team will make a module available to players. You would just have to fill it out and you would already be participating.

How much does a plot of Wanka Farm cost from the first batch of 15.000?

The first sale lot of 15.000 in the lands of Wanaka Farm will be done in two ways. Each of them will have a different system and also a different price.

The first works by placing a "Stacking" of at least 200 WANA tokens. By doing so you will receive a ticket for a lottery in which 9.000 wallets will be chosen. The respective owners will have the opportunity to purchase land as soon as the official date is announced.

The second mode works with 5.500 basic-type lands. Here, too, you must have a minimum of $ 200 in WANA tokens and fill out a form.

This way you will become part of the list of potential buyers. It will only be necessary for the winners to be announced. Shortly after you will have the opportunity to buy your land.

Can you get the cheapest $ 180 land at Wanaka Farm?

Yes, you can get them below that price, even if only within the lot of the first 15.000 lands. However, this will be a unique event. It will be done to allow the entry of players with less financial resources, but it will not be done more than once.

What types of terrain can you purchase in the game?

In Wanaka Farm there are many fields to be a farmer, all classified by the rarity they have and how they are sold. Therefore, it is important to consider the two main types:

White list

The White List of the land is divided into two parts, one for each type of sale (which we talked about above). Now, Lands are classified into different types based on their level of rarity in the game:

  • Immortal: 0,2%, 30 lands.
  • Mythic: 1%, 150 lands.
  • Legendary: 4,3%, 645 lands.
  • Rare: 9,5%. 1425 lands.
  • Uncommon: 23%, 3.450 lands.
  • Common: 62%, 9.300 lands.

Public sale

Here you must have at least $ 180 to buy land. It should be noted that this sale will work with a limit, in small packages. It is also known that of the available lands, 500 will be offered through prizes within Wanaka Farm.

How to sell your land after buying it and how much could it be worth?

If you want to sell your lands you will have to take into account the rarity of each and the economy of the game. If prices go up, this will affect the cost (much like what happens in Plant vs Undead). Although no minimum or maximum amount is established.

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