How to calculate time, years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates in Excel

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Excel allows its users to create different types of tables and formats, in which several can be included mathematical calculations. All this through the use of different mathematical formulas, which are:

  • + (sum)
  • - (subtraction)
  • * (multiplication)
  • / (division)
  • ^ (boost)
  • > (major)
  • <(less)
  • %(percentage)
  • > = (greater than or equal to)
  • <= (less than a)

Likewise, it is common to use elements that are called " functions “, Since it is di formula preconfigurate, for a more convenient use within the program.

How to calculate the time spent in days

To get started you need to identify cells A and B, as well as know where the numeric cells of your Excel page are. Once this is ready, let's start: To be able to get what the number of days is elapsed between two different dates, it will be enough to know a small equation and where to place it. The formula we will use will be:

  • = Si3-Si2

This formula it should be positioned at the top, where you will find a white bar. Once the formula is entered, Excel will return the elapsed time and display it in the form of days, all this with the help of multiple decimal places. Easy, don't you think?

Calculation of hours, minutes and seconds

Here we will follow the same pattern we had earlier, but this time to calculate hours, minutes and seconds. The only extra step you need to do is that when you enter the math formula, you have to multiply this result by the days which in this case would be 24, the formula would be the following:

  • = A8 * 24

Once you get the hour result, you just need to get the minutes, which again is an equation easy, you'll start by making a multiplication where you will include the number 60, which corresponds to the number of minutes there are in an hour. The equation would be as follows:

  • = LA9 * 60

As a final step, to get the seconds, you just have to start multiplying what the previous result gave you, again by the number 60. The equation would look like this:

  • = A10 * 60

With these simple steps, the Excel system will give you a better prediction and results of all of these give that you entered into his system.

How to calculate time in weeks

Thanks to the automated Excel system, these calculations can be done in seconds. To get started you just need to know a little math equation, which you will enter into the excel panel, and with which he will give you automatically that result.

The calculation of days, as seen, is a central part of all the remaining calculations for settimane and therefore cannot be excluded. With this equation we can easily get the result we are looking for, simply by entering it in the panel that was mentioned above:

  • = LA8 / 7

With this data, you will be ready to assume any calculation in your excel sheet, without any problem.

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