How to cancel an Uber card - Delete Uber card

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The first steps to cancel an Uber card

Launch the application in your account, as you normally do, then in the upper left corner of the screen tap the menu icon; When the menu appears, tap settings, then privacy settings, then select delete your account. 

UBER will ask you to verify your password, write it down and press verify; They will direct you to a page where UBER will inform you that your account will be deactivated and will be deleted within 30 days. 

They will also show you how many trips you have made with UBER for the entire time you have used their services; to end the process click on continue;  they will then ask you to share details on why you want to delete your UBER account.

To stand out, it is good that you know that it is not necessary to complete this questionnaire, but if you want to share your complaints or inconveniences you have about the company, now is the time to do it. When done, select confirm.

Before carrying out this operation, UBER asks you again if you are sure to confirm the deletion action, finally select the Delete option to make it permanent.

What if you need help from Uber to cancel your account?

Now you know that in UBER you can only delete your account from the app ; But if you have any questions or problems to get rid of it, here we show you how to ask UBER for help from a computer or tablet. 

Go to the help page to delete your UBER account, then go to the bottom of the page and click on “I was unable to delete my account”; it will redirect you to another page; In it, view the bottom and click Sign in for assistance.

Then enter your email or phone number and click Next; then you will be asked to enter your password. Please note that if you are not logged in from your UBER account in your browser, UBER may ask you to verify the your account via SMS and it will ask you if you are a robot. 

When you have been able to log in and log in, it will take you back to the page that says I could not delete my account; You can come in to explain the problem you are experiencing and select the option to send.

Uber will reply to you and will help you delete your user account. But remember that UBER will retain some of your personal data after you delete your account for legal reasons or, if so, to collect any outstanding debts.

Update or delete a payment method on Uber

If you are going to delete a form of payment, you should first of all cancel Uber trips to avoid problems. After that you can delete or update your bank account as a payment method, here you can find the steps to take. 

The first thing is enter the UBER application, click the profile icon; At the bottom right of the app, select the "payment" item and choose the card you want to delete. Then press the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, select “edit” or “delete” and click “save” in the confirmation window. 

Active UBER accounts should always have one form of payment if you want to delete the only form of payment add another first; with UBER you can cancel in just a few steps, or delete a card as an UBER payment.

If you have trouble canceling an Uber card, you can contact Uber via Uber Trip Help for personalized help; In this way you will resolve any doubts you may have regarding the management of payment methods.

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