How to cancel my Crunchyroll Premium subscription

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It is known that it was founded in 2006 all thanks to the idea and design of a group of students. Thanks to them, the channel Crunchyroll has one of the largest content distributions to more than fifty million users who are registered within its platform all over the world.

Crunchyroll offers its users more than 900 anime series, 200 Asian dramas and in addition, thanks to its Crunchyroll manga platform, it offers 50 manga titles, which you can enjoy from your mobile or PC.

However, not all of his programming is available to everyone, as licensing restrictions occur on multiple occasions.

You can access all its features and benefits thanks to its paid programs, which is considered by many users on the net as one of the best services, as long as you are a fan of this type of content.

However, if you are not comfortable with the content or the platform, here we will explain how cancel your subscription in case you have purchased it or are not satisfied with it.

What is Crunchyroll Premium about?

- subscriptions Crunchyroll Premium are some of the best you can buy in the market. With it, you get unlimited access to the entire media library and the most extensive content on the website. Within its platforms you will be able to see all of its HD content and without advertising.

As well as having the chance to see several episodes that are broadcast at the same time when they come out in Japan.

Also, with this paid subscription you can get new and different episodes with professionally updated subtitles right after their broadcast in Japan It was carried out.

Cancel your Crunchyroll membership

If you are looking to cancel the renewal of registration a Crunchyroll, this is a fairly simple process that you can do at any time. This is as long as it is just after the first 24 hours of its acquisition have been completed.

To do this, you need to start by identifying yourself with your account details. This action can be done online, regardless of the time of day and even better without having to pay cancellation fees.

However, it is important that you know that there is no cancellation method, in which you are guaranteed a refund of what you paid for said subscription partial. Likewise, this one platform presents you with a range of media and contacts with which you can communicate with them, in case of any kind of inconvenience.


How and where to pay for my subscription?

Within the web you can find multiple payment platforms, specially designed for those who have some kind of subscription within this website.

Crunchyroll, accepts that your payments are made primarily with debit or credit cards, similarly with platforms such as iTunes and Paypal it is possible to make such payments, which can be scheduled to be executed without fail.

If you come from Chile, you can make payments in stores Zmart. Also in these stores it is possible to purchase special codes which are used for Premium subscriptions.

In Mexico you can make your payments thanks to platforms such as GestoPago o ToditoCash. Unlike Colombia, where you can access the purchase of cards in different kiosks or authorized shops.

These are some of the most recognized outlets in different countries. However, if you want to find out more, you can log into their website and learn more about their payment methods for subscriptions.

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