How to cancel or cancel a digital game pre-order on Xbox One - Quick and easy

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The advantage of video games is that there are many that we will always have on hand. They are available on a wide variety of platforms so that we can enjoy them at all times. If you have an Android, an iPhone or a computer you can have a great variety of amazing games at your disposal. Other exclusive platforms have also been created for video games like Xbox.

There are people who are so passionate about this virtual world to be aware of the new releases of the most anticipated video games. They see the need to be updated and updated with the best and they get the ones that have just been launched on the market.

Is it possible to book a game before the release date?

Fortunately for enthusiasts it is possible to make one physical or digital reservation for a video game. This way you can enjoy it at the same time it is launched.

For those who love making these digital purchases know they have virtual stores such as Sony and Microsoft. They are really of great help as they are the safest virtual stores and have a very good reputation.

These virtual stores are the favorites of many. They have a large number and variety of video games and they give us this possibility to book them. But we also know that this can be a great temptation. We know that the excitement of experimenting and playing something new can lead us to do more than just a digital game reservation. Perhaps you have read the description and found it very interesting.

But what if we regret it after making this virtual booking? Maybe you think all is lost. It is normal for you to feel frustrated and think that after making this purchase it is impossible for you to obtain a refund. Even if you're stuck in developer mode, you can go through a simple process to be able to edit and remove that mode.

But if you've made a reservation on Xbox One and want to cancel it, you shouldn't worry. You have a means to which you can go and then recover all the money you have spent and also cancel the booking, this means that it is Windows Central. You can really get a chance to get a refund and cancel your booking. You just have to pay attention to the tips we will give you and you will be able to make that comeback in the blink of an eye.

How to cancel an Xbox One reservation?

The first thing to take into consideration is that there is no specific place where it will tell you that you can cancel the reservation. So the first thing to do is to contact Microsoft technical support.

What you should do then is contact Microsoft directly and then request cancellation of what you have booked. To do this, you must access the Xbox One support site from your PC, after which you must indicate the type of problem, in that space select billing and then the other option.

At this point you will see the option for chat with Xbox support. First you need to indicate the credentials with which you normally log into your Xbox account.

This is where you will have room to raise your situation with the business assistant. You will have to explain what you want cancel a reservation made for an Xbox One digital game. During the summer, your console may overheat a little.

After that, to verify your identity, you will be asked a series of questions that you will need to answer honestly. And based on the payment method, it will refund you the item you reserved. This is the quick and easy process to cancel an Xbox One reservation.

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