How to change Candy Crush game language to Spanish if it appears in English?

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And nobody likes to play without their own language, since it doesn't matter how much you master another language , it will always be much easier to play any title in your preferred language. Candy crush is no exception, which is why this tutorial was made for you.

How to change the language of the Candy Crush game?

Now, to get straight to the point and quickly learn how to change the language of the Candy Crush game, the first thing that is you need to know is that you need to update the game Candy to the latest available version found in the PlayStore.

This is because in previous versions the game was set by default to English only and did not allow players to change the language even if they set the phone to another language (you could not change it even on Facebook).

However, now you can get the game in languages ​​other than English, in addition, the game will automatically be configured for the language you have on the device you are playing with (PC or mobile).

Therefore, to change it, what you need to do is directly place another language on your device preferred, so that the game takes this as a general change and makes it happen (it should be noted that sometimes the game will have to be installed and uninstalled).

This process can get a little tedious, as depending on your device there may be multiple steps to follow to do it, but it's the only way, because you can't change the language, like changing the language of Roblox or Minecraft.

Change language on PC

Now that you know why changing the language of the Candy Crush game should be done right from the device you use, it's time to teach you how to change it on the PC. It should be noted that every operating system and computer is different, so the process for this will be explained here change the language of Windows 10 only.

To achieve this, you must first go to "Start", then to "Settings", then to "Time and language" and from there to "Region and language". Within this section you will see an option to download language packs, press it.

In this way the download of the package will start and will be installed automatically. Once this process is finished, go back and select one of the languages ​​that has been configured by pressing the “Set as Default” button that will be right there. Then restart your PC and voila, Candy will now be in the language of your choice.

Change the language of your mobile to play Candy like a foreigner

If what you want is change the language of the Candy Crush game on your mobile to play it in a language other than the default, then what you should do is go to the “Settings” section of your mobile.

There you will get a lot of options (in each mobile it is different), so you need to look where it says "Language settings", if your mobile comes out like this, you just have to press that option and choose the other language you want, which will change automatically.

If it's not that simple, look in the “Advanced Settings” section, why that's where languages ​​normally place. When you find them, you just have to press them and change the language. As in the case of the PC, the game will configure itself automatically without the need to do anything else.

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