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The fact that a video game offers you one great variety of ways to play it, having fun and being able to do it your way, makes it much more unique than others. Many video games have taken note of this and wanted to do something different and more varied in order to gather the greatest number of players looking for this same variety or a specific style.

This has reached the extreme where there are games that can be played in very different ways, like Deus Ex, where you can be stealthy or totally aggressive. But if you want a much clearer example in a more popular video game, we can talk about GTA V so you can install it on your Windows PC or Mac.

Inside Grand Theft Auto V, you have a wide variety of ways to do things, buy properties, modify your characters, and even how to carry out missions. But much of this goes hand in hand with one of the game's biggest details: the power to change characters.

Why should you change characters in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto is a video game saga developed by Rockstar, which is generally characterized by being in style Sandbox and with access to a large searchable map. This formula has not changed much with the appearance of new titles in the saga, rather it has been renewed, making the games themselves more attractive. And also, GTA 5 is used by many players to earn money.

GTA 5 ne is an excellent example, being the most recent title in the series, it can be said that they have put together everything they have done before and in a better way. One of the most important factors is change characters, as there are three main characters within the game that you can control whenever you want.

Many of the missions consist of controlling these characters in such a way that they can perform actions independently, each with one specialty in a specific area.

But, outside of the missions, it is important to do so in order to complete the solo missions and be able to advance the main story in such a way that you can complete the game in its entirety.

How to change the fonts?

Because the story of the game revolves around Trevor, Michael e Franklin ; You will have to perform many actions with each of them during missions and outside of them. In order to change each of these characters whenever you want, in case you are playing on a console, you will have to make a simple movement of the fingers.

All you have to do is press the down arrow button, and then, using the joystick; you need to select the character you want.

This process is made much easier on PC, since you can switch between characters by simply pressing the keys F5, F6 e F7 to play as Michael, Franklin and Trevor in the same order.

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