How to change kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms and join another alliance

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In its mobile versions, this fun game can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store for Android and you can too download in the App Store for your iOS device.

What is the basic goal of the Rise of Kingdoms game?

First of all, you start by making a choice of a civilization, among the 11 that exist on the world map; It is important to read very well before making this choice the advantages that each offers.

The idea is of raise the level of the main building more and more, allowing you to start building your army, train troops, continually build and improve production facilities, gain power and conquer the rest of the world.

How to change kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms?

You can do this in two ways - one of them is changing the character or the governor, for this we click on the button «Governor profile» located at the top left, then click on «Settings».

Then click on "Check Font", then on "Create new". As you can see it is a very simple process, however, you have to take into consideration that you can only create a maximum of two characters for each kingdom.

The second option is jump or jump, this refers to the player who temporarily moves from one kingdom to another, usually to an old kingdom for a week, to obtain as many resources as possible.

Once you get what you want, you can enter a recent realm, for this, we click on the globe icon located at the bottom right, then «List of kingdoms» is displayed and select the one you like.

Now two options will be shown, one for "See" and the other for "Teleport", which consists of an option for enter the new kingdom and the other to return ; Before leaving, it is advisable to set the «Explore» mode.

This is done, so that you can take a tour of the villages and peasants that you can recruit for the future troops you are going to train, returning with more resources to players.

Well, you will be at level 6 or 7, while the rest at 1, 2 or maximum 3, therefore, you will have invaded and conquered the recent kingdom through the jumper or jumper technique, thus obtaining an ever greater power.

What is a covenant and what is the purpose of uniting it?

An alliance is a kind of agreement being made with other nations, to ensure peace and support each other; that is, you can join one of them that was created by a player or train your own for others to join you.

The usual thing is you join one another in general they accept high-level competitors and depending on what the alliance button says, whether it is to join or apply, you will either be accepted immediately or will have to go through that nation's leader approval.

The idea, in addition to favoring each other, is that of reap the benefits and advantages that belonging to a system like this offers you; for example, the appointment of a member as an officer, who receives profitable benefits on a permanent basis for various matters.

Finally we can conclude that changing kingdom in the game Rise of Kingdoms can be done with different methods, it will depend on your skills and interests and what you want to get; even with alliances.

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