How to Change Language and Voice in Call of Duty Mobile - Simple Tutorial

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The version of Call Of Duty for mobile devices ha also several options you can change to improve the look of the game and have high quality graphics and thus be able to play and improve your experience while playing online from your smartphone ..

What languages ​​are available in COD Mobile?

COD Mobile, the popular shooter-style game released free for Android and iOS by Activision, has been very well received since its launch in 2019, as it has excellent graphics, good gameplay, fluidity and also a wide variety of weapons and fun missions.

This game has crossed the screens of many mobile devices around the world and gives you the option to play it in your preferred language, as you gives the possibility to choose between 10 languages , including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and English. Changing the language of the game is very simple, just go to the settings and in the top right tab you will see the 'language' option.

How to change the language of COD Mobile to Spanish

In order to change the language of Call Of Duty Mobile make sure you have the application updated to its latest version, you can do it directly from the official Google Play Store, by searching for the application and then pressing the update button, once done Follow these steps to change the language of Call Of Duty Mobile:

H3 Your Android or iOS

  1. The first thing to do is to open the application on your Android or iOS device
  2. Sign in with your account Activision to access the game's home menu
  3. Once in the game's start menu, you will need to press the settings button located at the top of the screen
  4. In the settings section, click on the option "Languages"
  5. In this section you will find all the languages ​​available to change in the Call Of Duty Mobile game such as French, Italian, Arabic, English and Spanish, in this case you will have to select the latter option
  6. By clicking on the language of "Spanish" the game will automatically update to change all its settings and Spanish language texts
  7. And voila !, you can enjoy and fully understand any text and indication while playing Call Of Duty Mobile from your Android or iOS device. We hope this information has been of great help to you.

Learn how to change the voices of Call of Duty

To change the voices within Call of Duty we just have to enter the game settings and select the language tab, once here we choose the one we prefer and both audio and text will change automatically . As this by default brings English text and audio.

How to improve your experience by playing Call of Duty online

There are several methods for improve the online experience when playing Call Of Duty Mobile from your phone and also to be able to remove the Lag once and for all to avoid those desperate moments when the screen freezes in the middle of a game.

The most advisable thing is have an average game quality in case your phone is mid or low range, and likewise you could also choose to configure other game parameters such as shadows and textures, to avoid Lag caused by lack of performance, another thing you can do to to do this is to free up space in the phone's internal memory to avoid congestion of the device itself.

Remember that game performance when playing online will also depend on the internet connection you are connected to, make sure it is sufficient to be able to play an online game in real time.

Another drawback encountered by most players and users who start playing Call Of Duty Mobile is the fact that they don't know how to change the language of the game, which is usually found in English, which makes it difficult for players to understand the game 100% all the indications of the game and the options of its menu and interface.

If this is the case for you, don't worry, as changing the language in Call Of Duty Mobile is not a big deal, we will show you how to change the language of Call Of Duty Mobile in Spanish on your Android AND iOS device.

Advanced control settings

With the basic control configuration in COD Mobile, we will have access only to the basic commands, redundancy is worth, which would be walking, aiming and firing automatically, on the other hand, by moving to the advanced configuration, we will have more freedom and precision when it comes to aiming at a target , as well as a more stealthy movement.

Change the sensitivity

In a shooter-style game, sensitivity is a key part because many focus their play style on it, a depending on the configuration that we have, we can move and aim faster or more comfortably and precisely.

Turn down the graphics

We can go to this option if we suffer from excessive lag in our games, we just have to enter the game menu and locate the option of "Sound and graphics" , then select the low graphics quality, this way you can reduce more in the game.

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