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People often adopt a digital name, an IGN (In Game Screen in English) or a pseudonym with which we can differentiate ourselves from others or make us feel more immersed in the digital world.

These names are quite common and are not limited only to video games, since we can see them in all kinds of chats, through popular social networks and others. And, depending on what you do for a specific game's community or how famous you become at competitive level, your name will become more or less popular with connoisseurs of the medium.

However, it doesn't have to be famous for it to mean something, as it mostly has to mean something to the same player. Each player's pseudonym in a game can be his own identity, and it's the perfect opportunity to play someone else in another universe.

The same happens in League of Legends, where one of the first steps required to start playing is to choose one pseudonym or the name of the summoner. However, sometimes these names can end up not to our liking, so we can change them by following this tutorial.

Why should you change your username?

First, we need to distinguish two things about username, as when we talk about it we refer to the summoner name, the name you see on your champion and by which the name will recognize you within the game.

We are not referring to the name you use to log in , which you can change via the support page or by contacting support from Riot in about this issue in case it may be a typo or something else.

As regards the summoner name, it is natural to be able to choose something that you feel comfortable with, and it is important to do so as over time it can feel a bit boring. The idea is that you are fascinated by your name, how it sounds and how you feel about it.

If you've chosen the name of a fictional character you no longer feel identified with, who doesn't sound so good these days, or for a multitude of reasons, you should change your name, although think about it before going through the process as it could be expensive.

How to change the name of the summoner?

In order to change the summoner name, you need to log into the League of Legends client and when you are in it you will need to enter the "Account" button in tall that has the shape of a person's profile with a gear. Inside, you can find a way to change the summoner name by following the steps that appear on the screen.

However, you have to keep in mind that to change it you will have to pay 13.900 Blue Essence o 475 RP, bearing in mind that if you use an inappropriate name, it will be changed instantly without the possibility of a refund.

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