How to change my Clash of Clans account to another Android or iPhone device

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It should also be noted that for many users being able to keep their game is important, but they are concerned if they lose their gear or change it for a new one. That is why below we will explain the steps to be able to preserve the village and then your game so that you can enjoy it from another device.

Steps to transfer Clash of Clans account to another device

First of all it should be noted that changing the Clash of Clans account on another device is a simple procedure. Initially, you need to enter the game account, once opened you can log in "Settings". Then click on the device option "connection".

Also in the connecting devices window you can see two options which include "this is the old device" and "this is the new device". In this case, since you want to change the account on a new device, you need to select the first option.

After clicking, a new window opens with two additional options where you need to choose the device you want to connect. Since if it is another Android, click on the first option which corresponds to "Android device".

Likewise, if you want to add another Android device, click and follow the corresponding steps or just log in to your new device from your Google Play account.

In turn, if you want to add another device like iPhone, click on the second option which is “other device”. Automatically you can see a "code" that must be copied to the iPhone within two minutes.

To perform this step it is recommended not to have a current or created account on the iPhone, it is a matter of linking an account from scratch so that the procedure works correctly.

How to transfer the account to an iPhone device?

So, when you install the game on the iPhone device, you have to enter the same ones settings and select “link” on the device. Then you have to choose in the new window the option of this is the new device, in this way another panel will open where you will have to "copy the code" previously acquired.

As you can see, making the change is a simple process, so you can easily transfer the account from an Android to an iPhone or vice versa. If you follow all the steps you can easily connect the game on the new device.

It should be noted that another method can be performed, by entering the settings and in that section you will find the “ID supercella” which must be disconnected. Likewise, this process must be created in the email account.

For this reason, you need to enter the device where you have the account and create a supercell account. It must be a new account, once logged in, the option to enter mail and verify mail appears.

Then a code is sent to the email which needs to be copied and pasted there in that section to confirm. After creating it, the production of the village comes saved in the added email. It is important to save your mail, as every time you switch accounts you will be prompted for the verification code.

After the whole procedure , you have to open the new device, which in this case would be Android or iPhone, and open the game. Then you can enter "configuration" and click on "connect" with the email that was inserted in the previous device, adding it you can load the village.

In short, the methods for keeping the account on a new device are simple. So you can keep the village and the game.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to change your Clash of Clans account to another Android or iPhone device? Do you know of another method that allows you to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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