How to change my Instagram account to a personal blog in a few steps?

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And if you are here it is because you use the social network, and surely you have noticed that public figures have their account as a personal blog or professional account.

Whether it's creating a business Instagram profile or making money with Instagram without being an influencer, you always want fame and recognition, even if you decline.

All this has the purpose of being able to carry out promotions or as in the case of the personal blog, you can use it to post your personal stuff and to advertise on Instagram.

And it is that this social network has the advantage of reaching many people quickly and in addition the content it offers is constant. Therefore, if you want to change your Instagram account into a personal blog, keep reading that here I will show you how to do it.

Change settings in personal blog

In case you are looking for a way to change your Instagram account into a personal blog, you simply have to follow these steps that I leave here.

  • First you need to Login, in case you haven't.
  • Now you have to go to the option " Settings ”And select it.
  • In the new options window that appears, you have to choose the option " Account ".
  • Now you can see a list of various options, in this list you just have to select what it says " Change to professional account ".
  • Then you need to select the option " Company "And after choosing it, you need to select" NEXT ".


  • Several windows will appear, in all of them, you need to click on the option " Continue ”Until you reach the final option.
  • Once you get to the final window, you will have the possibility to select different categories, including that of " Personal blog ".
  • When you select Personal Blog, your personal information will appear in this new window, check that everything is correct or take the opportunity to change the data that is not. After finishing the correction, select " NEXT ".

When you have finished making all changes, you will see the Personal Blog option already displayed in your personal profile. In this way, you can change your Instagram account into a personal blog in a few steps and in a simple way.

Access to Instagram statistics

Instagram provides little in the way of analytics and performance stats for the average Instagram user. This used to be a problem for businesses, so they created Instagram Insights for businesses and energy users.

The statistics provide companies with all the essential data they need to know their account and job performance. It provides you with information about your followers to help you build an image of those who care about you.

It shows you your performance on Instagram during the last week: change of followers, number of posts, impressions, reach, profile views, etc.

Esso gives we detailed demographics of your followers: their gender, age, location by city and country, and when they are most active.


Influencers often run personal blogs

Many influencers choose to also manage personal blogs and corporate accounts, even if they don't actually run a business.

They take their Instagram work seriously and run it on a business basis. Influencers want to build their following and increase their engagement.

The tools and insights additional offered by a blog profile, company profile and others help you in your search. They also provide more information for influencers to share with the brands they work with.

Even good influencers can work magic with Instagram Stories and it's an added bonus if they can add URLs when working on behalf of a brand.

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