How to change my PS4 account password quickly and easily?

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Change my PS4 account password

The first thing you should know before getting straight to the point is that on a PS4 console there are three different types of keys, the system password, the PSN password, and the user profile password. These, together, they form a security block so it's not enough to just change one.

These may or may not be stored on the console's internal or external hard drive and are needed when dealing with these types of problems.

To be in order, the first thing you will learn today will be to change the password of the PS4 system, this is the one that imposes conditions and limitations such as the creation of new users, applications, games, among others.

Getting to change it is very simple, first you have to use the arrows to open the quick drop down menu on PS4 and use the option "Settings", is represented by a toolbox, press X and enter there.

Then you have to go to the called section "Content Filter / Family Management" and select the option "PS4 System Limitations", once there you will be asked to enter your previous password; If you don't have one or have never created one, press the button four times " Square ”And the default code will be entered, which is 0000.


Once you have entered it and have it fully entered, you have to choose the option “Change the system restriction passcode”, of new will ask you for your old password or default code.

Once entered you will be able to enter your new password (you will have to do it twice). With this it will be ready, I change the password of my completed PS4 account, or at least the first part is still missing two.

Change your profile password

Password problems are as common as the PS4 problem when it doesn't recognize the controller, but they are easy to fix to keep using the platform.

Now it's time to learn how to change the password of the profile, which is the least complicated, first you have to go up again " Settings ”And then in the section called“ Users ”, once there you have to select the option "Login settings" and immediately after "Access codes management".

If everything went well, you should be in a different section where appare the option "Change access code", there you will be asked to enter the old password and then the new one twice. If you have many users and you want to change all of them, you only have to switch users with the PS button and repeat everything again.

With this change my PS4 account password part two is finalized. Now that you have renewed the internal security of the console, the most important is that of PSN.

Cambia password PSN

The last but not least of the keys is the PSN, and this has changed as follows: first go up " Settings “, From there go to the section "Account management", so here go to " Invoice information account ".


Tales is there, placed at the top of the option " Safety ”And press X, this will allow you to enter the current account password to confirm it is you.

Once this is achieved, simply select the option " Password “, This will allow you to immediately change it to the new one, then confirm the change and that's it. It should be noted that there are two other ways to do this, which are via the PC or via the PlayStation phone application, but this is the simpler and faster.

And with this changing the password of my PS4 account is now much easier, by following this quick guide you can protect your console so that no one but you has access, now it's time to play!

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