How to change my TikTok profile picture if it won't leave me or give me trouble

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Why is TikTok known?

The well-known social network allows its users to share 1 minute music video or selfie video that you can create, edit in your own way since it has special effects, filters, augmented reality functionality and you can add any background music to make your video awesome .. In this you can create a free account.

Another example for which Tiktok is known I'm live, or En Vivo. These are times when creators are able to directly and continuously show a video file that they record live. If you want, you can learn how live or direct Tiktok are made.

We already know this application it is well known all over the world and it is very interesting for many users, even for people who do not upload videos, this is because it can be downloaded for free.

But like any application or social network can always find some drawbacks which can make it unpleasant to use, such as not being able to change your profile picture, this is more common than you think. If you are one of the lovers of this application but some kind of problem happened to you, don't worry, here we will help you to solve it.

Change my profile picture on TikTok

This is one of the basic processes of personalization user, so the fact that this option is present is very important to the application.

To change it, you need to open the App or open our account from the official website, then access your profile section. Among the options you will see the one to customize the profile. When you select it, it will show you a series of instructions you need to follow to change your profile picture.

As mentioned above, the not being able to edit your profile photo it is very common among many users, they have reported this error in the application many times and it shouldn't be the case, changing the profile picture in an application should be the most complex tool that exists. The application is improving little by little over time, with this come new updates and more tools to make the social network more attractive, but many times they come with bugs included.

What should I do to correct the profile picture error?

Since the last application update There have been reports of problems with the profile picture. In TikTok we can establish a photo or video in the profile but with the error the photo is not updated, only the photo you had previously or the icon that appears when you enter the account remains.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to fix this flaw as is included in the latest update of TikTok. At the moment, you will have to wait for the platform to send a new update, eliminating the terrible error once and for all and you will be able to change your profile photo in a comfortable and immediate way.

We know that it's frustrating not being able to update your profile photo and more when we don't like the previous one anymore. Don't stress out, we have some solutions that may help you right now.

You can download an older version of the TikTok application, 17.5.4 it did not present any defects similar to this, making the experience on the platform more comfortable. But for this you need to uninstall the current app and then install the older version. This option will get you out of trouble immediately, although it has some changes, it will still be the same application with the same tools and functions.

We also recommend that the best thing you can do is wait for the new update, in which all problems have been corrected. Be careful to download the new App update and don't miss all its news.

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