How to change my username on Tinder - Step by step tutorial

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Previously, it was common to share messages by email. This was something extraordinary for the time, since we could communicate instantly with other people. But today all of this has been left behind.

With the advent of the social media, now we have been able to interact much more fluidly with large groups of people. This is thanks to the advanced uses of information technology and the visionary companies that have emerged over time.

How do I change my username on Tinder?

Today we are not only satisfied that we can chat with other people in real time, but also to see their profiles, the things they like, what they do, among other things. Social networks have allowed us to meet many people and unite as a company.

Among all this, love plays a very important role, since being in constant interaction it is normal for someone to draw our attention or they like us. As a result, companies have emerged that have seen the opportunity to generate income and contribute with it.

This is the case with uses di meetings, today the most used in the world is tinder with over 5200 million users it is the most used dating application in the world. Available for multiple platforms and constantly updated.

Tinder presents us with an interface easy to use in where we can interact with other profiles, see their photos and indicate if we like them or not. This app is designed in such a way that when two people mach the other, a window opens where they can talk.

To access this application we must perform the login and create a profile with our phone number or create an account without a phone number. Once this is done, it will show us the people who might interest us, these people are in our range or in our city.

One of the data we create when we log in is a username. This can be seen by all people who look at our profile photo, for which we must have a name that satisfies us.

In case we don't like it and want it modify it, we can do this by performing a few simple steps.

Steps to change our username on Tinder

The first thing to do is to open the Tinder application and log in. Once our session has started, we need to go to the top left of our screen and click on the profile logo.

Now we will look at our personal information like current username, profile photo among others. We will go to the option "Settings" identified with a cogwheel logo and click on it.

Let's go into the Tinder settings now we have to go down until we find the option "Web Profile", then in "Username". In case we don't have any username, we will get "Get yours", we will select this option.

We will now get a bar in which says / @ example. In case we don't have a username we will only get, to change our username we will do the following.

We select the bar, we delete our current username, but without deleting Now let's write the username that we want to add so that it appears in our Tinder account. Let's click "Confirmation" and will indicate that the name has been successfully changed.

Now just in case we don't have a username and we add it for the first time, we do click on the bar and without eliminating anything, let's write the name user and select "Confirmation".

We will be redirected to the settings section where we can see that the username has been successfully changed. If we want to change it in the future, we can do it the same way.

Ready in this way we were able to change our username in Tinder quickly and easily by following a few simple steps. And if one day you get bored with this app, you can delete your account on Tinder

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