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For example, in real life there are several ways to change the tone of voice a we are used to, among the funniest is beer with helium, as helium increases the tone of voice a lot. Another method we normally see in children is speaking in front of a fan.

Therefore, have programs or tools that allow you to change your voice it's something we could hang out with in a meeting. Previously only recording studios had access to these tools, but today we can access them without any problems with an Internet download.

What special effects are there?

A large list appears when it comes to special effects in the voice, among which we can mention the echo (that effect in which a resonance of the voice is created, which simulates that we hear the voice repeatedly). Another very popular voice effect in apps like Snapchat is squirrel-like voice which is a very funny effect for the users of this app.

We can also see the robot effect that we can do in Audacity, best known for leading late XNUMXth century Techno music. It's basically an effect that needs no explanation, as almost everyone in this world knows what a robot's voice sounds like (although many robots don't actually speak)

There are also effects with more orientation towards DJs or mixes of tracks like distortion, reverb and delay. These sound effects are really complex and show that music is an art whose complexity is as high as any science.

Where can we see that special effects are used?

Special effects in voices have their presence in many of the things we see in our life, from the art we appreciate in television, in the cinema, in music recordings and video games; also in live performances such as plays and musicals.

For example, in movies and in video games i whose themes are more fantasy, the vocal effects on these unreal characters give them an incredible presence. So much so that it seems that we are talking about something real, even knowing that it is something non-existent.

People always try to change their tone of voice, even change their voice in a Skype video call and even send modified voice notes on facebook or whatsapp, to prank their friends.

What programs offer special effects for the voice?

There are different types of programs on the internet that allow you to change the voice with special effects, but among the best we can mention Voicemod (a program that focuses on changing the voice with effects such as the robot and among others known).

There is also Celemony, EXP Studio, Audio editor, and there are also programs that are mainly games but in them we can see this function, for example in Pou and My Talking Tom, games known by many users of Android mobile phones.

 How to change my voice with totally free special effects?

The first and most important thing to do is to download one of the programs. Keeping in mind that you can choose one that is easier to work with. This time I recommend downloading " MorphvoxPro ".

As soon as you download it and choose to open it, a tab will appear where the recognition device that we are going to use.

We make sure the device is what we have on hand and  we accept. After opening the main interface of the program, all we have to do is speak into the microphone and try all functions that are in sight, with this we will notice the differences in each of the effects.

This program is very good, since unlike many others it doesn't weigh a lot, which is why it won't take long to download. And that its manipulation is super easy, so there's no need to worry about the difficult handling we're used to seeing in these programs.

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