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The squirrel voice simulates the voice of a cartoon and is popular for making entertainment videos, especially comedies. This effect isn't a specific filter, it's just a speed change in the reproduction of video which makes it look distorted.

How to put squirrel voice on SnapChat

The item will change according to the chosen playback speed. You can choose between slow motion, fast motion, motion super fast and rewind. Making the change is very simple

  • Open the Snapchat app from your phone Android or iOS.

  • Double-click the Snapchat camera icon to switch to the mode front camera. A quick access in the application to access the front camera is the icon that indicates camera switching.
  • When your image appears, check that it is of quality, with a good lighting and that your face is complete.
  • tap your image on the screen to view Snapchat goals. They will appear right at the bottom of the application.
  • Select the effect you want to apply, in this case the one that modifies the entry previously. Selection may take a few seconds depending on your device and connection speed. One of the drawbacks of Snapchat is that it regularly changes the order in which filters are displayed, and an effect you use can get out of sight.
  • Once you've selected your goal, hold on pressed the icon of capture to record a video. You will know that you are recording video because a red line crosses the circle that represents the record button.
  • To stop recording you just have to stop pressing the screen with your finger. The preview of the video you just recorded is displayed automatically.
  • The video you just recorded made the automatic modification of your voice and you can check it in the preview. In case the voice hasn't changed, make sure the microphone is working well, as well as the image from the camera is clear and of good quality.
  • Edit the video, add text to the story, drawings, lines or add links. You can add filters by sliding your finger left or right.
  • Send the video to one of your friends with the Send to button. Add it to your stories in so your friends can see them for a limited time or save it to your gallery so you can use it later however you like.

Change the squirrel's voice after recording the video.

  • Previously select the lens you want to use to make the video.
  • Record the video and when you finish and go into edit mode you will do slide your finger to the right or to left to find the icon that has the shape of a rabbit. This is the effect that changes the squirrel's voice in the video.

Recommendation: when the voice is changed, the video image is accelerated as well as the audio. For a more natural effect, record video with a voice slower than usual. The end result is a video with a squirrel voice with a more natural result.

Slow voice change

The process of switching to the slow voice is very similar to the squirrel's voice effect. After recording the video, in the edit slide from left to right until you find the effect with the snail shaped icon.

New Snapchat voice filters

After the new Snapchat update there are new filters of voice modification. It is very easy to use, you just have to record to video and in editing select the sound icon at the bottom left. Press and hold the e button appear various options such as cat, bear, robot and alien.

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