How to change the category of a video on my YouTube channel?

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The categories are the ones that facilitate the search engine within the same page. In turn, they help the user's video stand out within it.

With them, they ensure subscribers to search for old or recent videos on a YouTube channel or simply search for videos within a YouTube channel based on trends.

That is why everyone who is dedicated to making and posting videos on YouTube tends to use this tool to attract interested audiences.

So you can change the category of a YouTube video!

More than once it has happened to us that after posting a video on our channel, we didn't get the amount of attention we wanted.

Whether that is the case or that we have simply made a mistake in the way we catalog our content, in one way or another it avoids attracting the interest of the public.

Although the search on Youtube is carried out by directly entering the name of the desired content, categories serve as a large catalog of videos, which can be used when the user wants to explore the page content.

One of the great advantages of this page is the ability to edit the general information of the videos. This regardless of the time it was posted on the net.

Changing basic information

Whenever you want to change the category of a video on your YouTube channel, you have to start accedendo on YouTube with your account.

From there we identify the " video manager ”Of our channel, where all the videos we have uploaded over time will appear.

In this way, all the videos we have published while using our channel will be distributed on our screen. Find the video we want to change category by clicking on " modification ".

Subsequently, a different number of configurations will be displayed, the headings of which will have the names of " basic information "," get income " is " advanced configuration ".

Let's proceed to " Advanced settings ", Where there are also a large number of changes, where the section" category ”Is at the top right.

By clicking on the arrow, you can expand a box that shows all the categories to which each video that is posted on YouTube subscribes.

When you select the category that comes closest to the definition of our video, we need to click on the rectangle that says " save Changes "To finalize the change.

Can I change the category of all my videos?

In case you feel that each of your videos are in the wrong category, but prefer to avoid changing the settings of each, you should know that there is a way to fix it.

To do this, you need to go to the " control panel "YouTube to access the section" channel configuration ". Here you will see a menu on the left side of the screen.

Let's click on the option that says " default values “, There you can configure the category to which your published videos and subsequent ones belong.

That way, every time we publish one, the categories bar will show the theme you have preferred for your channel.

Once you've changed everything you want in the values ​​section, ranging from labels, descriptions, categories, and privacy, you have to save all changes made.

From now on we will be able to appreciate the way in which the channel and videos receive more attention thanks to the changes made.

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