How to change the color of the CMD in Windows permanently

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Command Prompt is a very useful tool and we have learned several ways to use it to troubleshoot. And one of these problems can occur when we want to delete the Windows.old folder in Windows 10. So now get ready to meet this amazing way to give this console an interesting change.

How to change the color of the CMD in Windows permanently

The actual appearance of the command prompt was the same since the beginning of Windows and it is with the new versions of this operating system, that we can make changes. While it's no secret to anyone that with the incorporation of the Windows Power Shell, Microsoft plans to replace the previous management console.

We must indicate that the steps we will present here were performed with the work operating Windows 10. So below we will show you what you need to do to change CMD color in Windows permanently. To do this we will use the Color tool.

Steps to change CMD color in Windows permanently

Once this procedure is done, we will type cmd in the search box, to access the command prompt, but we must run it as an administrator. Will show us one window with a black background and in it we have to write the following command, cd c: Path colortool and press the Enter key.

In this way we will go to the path where the tool we just downloaded on our PC was extracted. Now we will write the following command colortool -b schema-name this schema will be found in the extracted content, inside the schema folder. And in this folder we will choose the OneHalfDark scheme and run the following colortool -b OneHalfDark.itermcolors.

Now we will be shown in the CMD different colors of backgrounds and the different combinations of background and text letters. Next we are going to show you the schematics that are available: campbell.ini -  Campbell-legacy.ini –  CMD-legacy.ini –  deuternopia.itermcolors -  OneHalfDark.itermcolors - OneHalfLight.itermcolors -  solarized_dark.itermcolors -  solarized_light.itermcolors.

Now the next step we are going to perform is to position ourselves in the title bar of the command prompt, right click on the mouse. And in the options menu we have to choose Properties, this action will generate a window with the name Properties “Command Prompt” and in it we will find different tabs and different options.

But in this window no changes will be made, we just have to click on the OK option. With this step, we will finish performing the procedure that allowed us to  change the color of the CMD in Windows permanently. Now we need to restart the CMD console and start enjoying the changes made.

This way we showed you a way to make changes to background color and text in command prompt. We hope you can apply the steps we have shown you here, so that you can give a new, less boring and more colorful image to this useful Windows tool. But even if you want you can put this window transparent.

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