How to change the color of the image to another using Corel Photo Paint

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Did you know that you can change the color of one image to another with Corel Photo Paint? Here we show you how. Here we will teach you how to change the color of the image to another using Corel Photo Paint. You can review and decide in advance if you need to shape the image or other necessary changes.

How can I change the color of an image to another using Corel Photo Paint?

You will only need a few tools, open your Corel Photo Paint program and come with us, we will explain it to you in a few steps:

Preparation of the image

  • Open the file where you saved the image, remember to open it with the right mouse button directly with Corel Photo Paint.
  • This is a good time to decide whether to make changes to the image, such as resizing the sheet, rotating it or duplicating it.
  • Open the window Object Managerselect Window from the menu and click Docker.
  • Duplicate a layer to work on it, because in this program you work with layers and therefore you do not run the risk of damaging the image.
  • On the duplicate layer, click New item bottom right.
  • You can change some basic settings, such as increasing or decreasing the tolerance, in this way the color range will be increased or decreased; Everything will depend on the area you are going to color, since if you apply two different tones on the same area, a lower tolerance level would be convenient to contrast better.
  • You can also create and edit watermarks on photos or images with this application adding value and sophistication to your design.

Change the color of an image area in Corel Photo Paint

  • First select the foreground color from the property bar, edit the values, double click on this option or you can choose it from the color palette below.
  • Activating the foreground color will automatically add it to the color palette.
  • Go to property bar on the left side, press the counter tool drops, you will have three areas or dimensions: 1 × 1, 3 × 3, 5 × 5, or if you prefer specify the area.
  • After choosing the area, proceed to click on the area of ​​the image whose color you want to change.
  • Then select on the layer you duplicated.
  • Go to the property bar again and select it Replace Color tool, click and hold with the left mouse button, while coloring the entire area you have chosen to change the color.

How to change the color of the image to two or more colors

  • Follow the steps above to change the color of the image or an area of ​​the image.
  • Choose the other color from the color palette.
  • Click on the drop counter tool e choose an area.
  • Press again on the area you want to color with the second color.
  • Go to the property bar again and select the tool replace color, trace over the area or area to apply the color, try not to leave any space without coloring.
  • Finally, click on File then Export and name your file, you can save it as jpeg and click Export.
  • If it asks if you want to merge into one object, go for it click su OK o OK.

Another faster way to change the color of an image in Corel Photo Paint

  • Follow the previous steps exactly for image preparation.
  • Choose the foreground color from the property bar and change the values.
  • Press the brush tool from the property bar, as you know other options related to this tool will be enabled.
  • Proceed to choose the shape of the brush in base to the area to be colored.
  • Please select a suitable size.
  • In this part you can also adjust the degree of Opacity if you are interested in activating this function.
  • Proceed to color carefully with the brush.
  • If you accidentally painted another area, click the tool Rubber in the property bar and erase imperfections.
  • Once done, go to the menu Blending mode, where you will have several options to choose the one that best suits the desired shade.

  • These steps must be repeated for the following areas, always remembering that it is necessary to create another layer for areas to be colored and modify the configuration.
  • Export the image as in the previous method and that's it.

As you can see, it is very easy change the color area of image for another using Corel Photo Paint, in order to get the best effects and tones on the images.

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