How to change the color of the taskbar and start menu in Windows 10?

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Have you ever wanted to change the color of the Windows 10 taskbar and Start menu? Definitely yes, because these are, by far, some of the elements of the system you use the most. And it is precisely this constant use, and the desire of users to apply changes, that has made Microsoft allow it to be customized easily and quickly.

The taskbar is very necessary on the Windows desktop, since thanks to it you can use all the programs that you have open and it is also where you can find many tools of the operating system. A big advantage it has is that you can also dock web pages so you can access them quickly.

Can I only change the color of the taskbar?

You should know that for Windows 10Like the operating system, the taskbar, the Start menu, and the well-known Task Center are a single element when it comes to customization or color change.

Therefore, when trying to change the color of the taskbar, through regular adjustments, the change will be applied together in these three areas. And, while this doesn't cause any inconvenience or annoyance, it's good to know before moving on to the next step.

Steps to customize the color of the Start menu and taskbar

The first step in being able to change the color of the taskbar, the Task Center and the Start menu, is to access the system customization options.

This can be done from the application "Settings" that you find in "Start" and then "Personalization"; or by clicking with the right mouse button on the "Desktop" computer, followed by "Personalization".

Within this new window, you will be able to see a menu on the left side with all the available options. In this case you have to opt for the second section, called "Colors".

After clicking on that item, the window will update and show you the different types of customization you can perform. If you look down, you will appreciate the color palette, where you can choose what you want to use and the surfaces where you want.

In order to apply the color to the bar and other elements, the corresponding box must be checked. This will have a checkbox and say “Start, taskbar and activity center ". Thus, you will be able to immediately see how changes are made, being able to easily change the color of the taskbar and the Start menu.

In addition to customizing it, you can also add continuously-used tools like the zoom tool to the taskbar.

Registry editor

Although you have read before that there is no way to just change the color of the taskbar, through the Registry Editor, you can make some changes. It is its own tool that arrives in Windows, with which it is possible to consult, as well as modify, in fact, the system registers.

Not only can the taskbar change color, but you also have the option to make it transparent if you wish.

To use it, you need to allow said application to make changes, which could be significant, to your system. So it is always recommended to use it consciously and only if you know what you are doing.

In this sense, and within the Editor, you have to go to the path “HKEY”, then to “Current”, then to " USERSOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Current Version Themes Person ".

Once inside this location, you will see an entry called on the right side “ColorPrevalence”, which you will need to double click to continue.

Consequently, a small window will open, where the value is at " 0 ", It being necessary to change it to" 2 ”To be able to make color changes only to the taskbar.

Once the procedure is done, the color change will be done automatically, immediately and without the need to restart your computer, or anything like that.

Additionally, you will notice that so l or change the color of that bar. Without affecting the Start Menu or Task Center in any way like the method you saw earlier.

Finally, it must be said that the editor should use it at their own risk, being very careful not to change anything that is not necessary. Preferably, being very confident in the steps you are taking.

The taskbar isn't the only thing you can configure to your liking, the Windows 10 operating system also allows you to customize the notification sound.

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