How to change the face in Photoshop | Put a face on another body

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In this case, as you may have noticed, we will talk about how to change one person's face for another. This may seem like a complicated process if you are a beginner, but the process can be done quite easily considering some aspects that we will talk about in this space.

Before performing complex face edits, it is important to know the basics of how to remove the background of a photo in Photoshop, as it is a skill necessary for changing a person's face to another body and for many other processes.

Having realized the above, making the face change is simple (if done correctly) and that is exactly what you will learn with this one basic Photoshop tutorial.

Before you begin, consider the following

Selected images must be from highest possible quality, which means that the lighting must be adequate, as well as the dimensions. Likewise, the best thing about the body image is that the face area is clear, having an image where the hair covers the face could complicate the montage.

In the case of the face, you have to take into account the previous points, in the same way it is better to select a photo in which the face is seen quite clearly. Also, knowing this is a basic tutorial, it's best to select two people with it same skin tone.

However, if you want to enhance your photography even further, it is possible to lighten your skin professionally with Photoshop. The truth is, it's the most recommended option if you're looking for great realism.

How to change face in Photoshop

By understanding the previous points we can begin to carry out the procedure, but before we begin, keep in mind that this process it requires a lot of patience. Understanding this, this change can be somewhat complicated for newbies, so we'll split the process into two parts.

Change the face in Photoshop (part one)

  • The first step is to open the body image, in the same way open the face photo. Make sure both images are two layers in the same project. If the image appears in another project, you just have to drag it onto the first one.
  •  As we said, both images must be layers, so right click on the images that are not layers and select Background layer.
  • The next step is to cut the face, so that only the face you are going to fit on the body remains. For this you have to select it Lasso tool, at first cut it leaving a prudent margin to be able to work without problems.
  • After selecting the face switch up Move tool and grab the face, press Ctrl + X.
  • Now you need to create a new layer and paste the previously selected face, for this use the key combination Ctrl + V. Remove the visibility of the layer you will not use (where the remnants of the face image used to be).
  • It's time to rotate the face and resize it, for that select it Move tool and double click on the face layer. After that resize the face and bring it to its destination, you can also rotate it if necessary.

Change face in Photoshop (second part)

  • Now is the time to very carefully erase so that the new face fits the body. Do it with caution and patience, you can undo, to repeat and even scale back if necessary. Continue until you are happy with the shape and size.
  • Still on the front panel, go up Settings and select Curves. This option will allow you to adapt the colors and brightness of the face to the body. Don't do anything yet.
  • Remember to click on the box at the bottom and left of the Curves panel (it is the small square with an arrow pointing downwards). Activating this option will only work with the face.
  • Adjust the curve until you are satisfied with the result.

This is the simplest method for change the face in Photoshop. There are many ways to perform this procedure, but with this method you will be able to perform the funniest fuses in a very simple way.

After making the previous change, you can rejuvenate your face using Photoshop, this way you can do higher quality work and the face change could look more natural and even enhanced.

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