How to change the font for Instagram posts?

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And maybe right now you are thinking that it is impossible, but let me tell you that we have already managed to make it happen. Therefore, we want to share it with you. We therefore invite you to continue reading this post to find out how change the font for instagram posts.

Limitations we get on Instagram when we change the font

The menu that Instagram offers us to change the font we use doesn't give us many options to choose from. And although we can change them, we only have predefined characters which may not be the ones we want to use. In the future, Instagram will surprise us with more interesting letter designs.

In Instagram we will find by default the most used font style in the world: Helvetica. This has in its favor that it is neutral and highly readable.

This makes us understand why this social network has chosen to use this font, as it allows messages to be clear and easy to read. There are also classic, modern, neon, typewriter and bold fonts.

However, for variety lovers, this amount of options can be reduced to what we want to capture in our stories. Therefore, we seek and find a way to add other types of letters in Instagram posts that will personalize our content.

Instagram font providers

The trick to being able to change the font on Instagram is use a compatible font generation application with this social network. And the good news is, we have more options to choose from. Within these apps are: Metatag, LingoJam, Insta Fonts, Instagram Fonts, letters and fonts, etc.

Once we have one of these applications, we access it from a browser or smartphone. We will notice a text box in which we place the letters or phrases that we are going to customize. We will be shown a variety of sources compatible with Instagram and the look they offer.

After choosing the one we like best, let's copy the text and open our Instagram application. Now in your profile, locate the space where you want your custom phrase to be and simply paste it.

Ready! How easy and simple the process was. Now that you know how to do this, you can edit your profile, reply to comments, personalize your stories, and even send direct messages with your own personal typeface stamp.

When we want, we can change the typography in our Instagram posts again. We will only have to access the app that we downloaded in Google Play or the App Store again and carry out the process that we have already explained to you.

Customizing our Instagram with a different font for our publications is already a reality. When you have tried these tools that we have provided in this post, you will surely be happy to know that you can now put a original stamp on your content. Tell us how you were writing in the section you will find at the bottom of the page.

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